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4 Car Safety Mods


Your safety should be your number one priority. Hence, many gadgets can make your next trip a much more secure one. So feel free to buy these mods. Who knows, they might end up saving your life someday.

No person can have too much safety, so it’s best to take proper precautions to ensure the safety of your life and the lives around you at all times.

If you take care of your car and keep it safe, you can sell your car in UAE without any issues.

1. Fog Lights

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As the name suggests, fog lights guide you during foggy weather. Fog can be more perilous than you think, and many accidents occur during this weather due to the immensely reduced visibility. 

Fog lights are usually positioned below the bumper and function by flashing at the road downwards instead of straightforwardly. That way, fog lights grant better visibility during foggy conditions and decrease your chances of colliding with obstacles.

So having those equipped in your car is crucial for detecting any incoming dangers and preventing any accidents from occurring.

If your car is too old to handle foggy roads and you want to replace it, remember that we cash any car for a good price!

2. Better Brakes 

Suppose you’re cruising through the highway, having the time of your life with music blasting out loud. Suddenly, you hear a loud bang, and the car next to you loses control and starts swerving your way; this is where brakes come in.

A car with broken brakes is a car you cannot trust. Therefore, ensuring that your brakes are capable of stopping your vehicle immediately in any given circumstance can be life-saving to you and others around you.

Enhanced brakes can be advantageous in many ways. Improved performance, increased halting power, finer looks, and safer rides are all things you can benefit from after upgrading your brakes.

In some cases, a fraction of a second can stand in the way between two completely different outcomes, and you want to avoid risking any second when lives are at stake.

You never know what type of situation you might run into that requires quick thinking and immediate action.

3. Window Tint

It’s safe to say that tinted windows look pretty snazzy on various cars. Surprisingly, not only do they spruce up your vehicle, but they also protect you and your car from harmful UV rays.

If left under the sun for too long, the car’s interior will get damaged and show signs of wear and tear. However, tinting your windows will block most UV rays from reaching the inside and ruining the seats.

Tinted windows can also protect you from being injured during a crash. Broken glass shards are hazardous and potentially lethal. 

But by tinting your windows, the chances of glass shards scattering everywhere are highly reduced as the tint holds the glass together. Therefore, window tints are not just for looks; they can be quite practical for your safety.

4. Cameras

Luckily, many modern vehicles today come with built-in cameras. But if your car isn’t equipped with one, you’re missing out on a lot.

There are various types of car cameras, and all of them serve the same purpose: to provide you with a safer and more convenient ride. 

A backup camera will assist you with parking by displaying the parking spot behind you, so worrying about smashing your car against the wall every time you park will no longer be a thing!

A dash cam, however, records everything happening in front of the vehicle as you drive. Their numerous features, such as collision warnings, lane departure alerts, effortless parking, and theft detection, make dash cams so handy.

Dash cams play another considerable role by recording burglars trying to get in your car. Once the camera detects motion, it will immediately start recording and send a notification to your phone to alert you of suspicious activity.

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