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5 Best Website Made With WordPress.

1. Katy Perry

sang Katy Perry once and has lived according to her “unbreakable” nature since.
Not only is Katy a pop queen starring on MTV, with 13 Grammy awards and a huge list of others, but she also has an amazing official WordPress website. Easily scrollable and user friendly, her simple website showcases the unique style of the pop star, providing information about the upcoming tours, top news, and a handful of easily navigable links to the artist’s music, top products, etc.

2. Sony Music

Sony Music is the owner of the world’s best and most successful music contracts.
Using the SonyMusic custom theme, W3 Total cache, Jetpack, and SEO with YOAST plugins, this website is fashionable, modern, and very functional, with a top slider showcasing the leading artists of the current music charts, the top news of music world, and links to the music of the featured artists.

3. BBC America

BBC America is a popular American pay television network is jointly owned by BBC studios and AMC networks and headquartered in New York City.
BBC America custom theme and such plugins (some custom) as Bbca Ie Advisory, Amcn Dfp Manager, Bbca Livestream, AMcn Common Analytics, Amcn Sweeps, and W3 Total Cache.

4. MTV News

The MTV news website is a WordPress website. A super successful one, too.

5. The official Star Wars Blog

The Star Wars custom theme (version 2.8.1), along with WP jQuery Lightbox, Disney doubleclick plugin, Panopress, W3 Total Cache, WordPress SEO by YOAST, WPML plugins create a paradise for a fun site full of latest news, best episodes, related games and applications, and a large community section where you can read about what crazy things crossed the minds of fans like you.
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