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7 Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

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I’m completely enamored with little dwellings. I watch all of the new series on this unusual way of life, including Tiny House Hunters, Tiny home builders, Tiny House Big Living, and Tiny House Nation. We like learning about the many advantages that Tiny homes provide to their owners. Over time, I’ve discovered nine major advantages of living in a compact house:

You can take it traveling

One of the most significant advantages of owning a Tiny house is the option to simply attach it to a vehicle and transport it to a new area.

Having a Tiny house makes it surprisingly simple to explore new areas, whether you’re attempting to relocate to a new location or just going on vacation without having to carry a bag.

Tiny houses are constructed in many ways. Some have rainwater collecting systems and solar panels. They are meant to be entirely self-sufficient and may be parked almost anywhere. Other Tiny houses are constructed in a more typical manner, requiring electricity and water connections. They work well for dedicated parcels of land or RV/mobile home parking.

The possible mobility of your Tiny house is a major advantage no matter how you construct it.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money building it

You may only spend your money on materials if you have the time and skill to design and construct the home yourself. There are Tiny house designers that will design and construct it for you, but this clearly costs more since you are paying for materials, labor, and the company’s overhead.

However, Tiny houses are a quarter of the cost of typical residences, and you may have everything custom-designed for you. Prices for Tiny houses may vary from less than $19,000 to about $50,000, depending on size and finish options.

Because of the cheap price, you may be able to pay cash for it if you’ve saved up enough money. If you cannot pay in cash, your loan installments will be substantially lower than those of a standard mortgage. No more $2,000 mortgages for you!

You don’t have to worry about future moves

One factor that often deters individuals from acquiring a conventional house is its permanency. You’ve put a lot of money into this immovable building and the land it sits on. What if you receive a new job in another city, state, or even nation and have to relocate? Or what if you simply acquire some very obnoxious neighbors?

You are not bound to any property until you purchase a block of ground on which to park your Tiny house. Your only permanent connection is to the home, so if you acquire a new job someplace else, you can just attach it to a truck and drive it there! You’ll still need to locate a place to live, but the home itself will never be in doubt.

You can be extremely environmentally friendly

Because your home will be so modest, you will be able to create most of it out of recycled, repurposed, and salvaged materials. It not only makes your property seem hip and distinctive, but it also saves the equivalent amount of new materials from being manufactured.

You may also set up your house to live off the grid, like I described in the first step. Using solar or wind energy to power your tiny home, adding a rainwater collection and filtering system, and installing a composting toilet are all steps toward making your Tiny house viable anywhere in the globe.

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You can be extremely energy efficient

Whether you utilize solar electricity or connect your house to a power line, the energy requirements of such a compact area are substantially lower than those of a regular home. Tinier appliances use less energy to heat and cool the air, and Tinier spaces use less energy to heat and cool the air.

If you need to connect to a power source, you’ll still have to pay an energy bill, but it should be a fourth or less of what you’d spend for a regular dwelling. Think of all the vacations you could take with the money you’ll save on your mortgage on top of everything else!

You can declutter your life

You must, therefore, declutter your life. After a few years in a standard house, things simply build up everywhere. You can’t fit everything that would fit in a 2000+ square foot house into a 200 square foot home, therefore you’ll have to donate or sell a lot of items.

This allows you to take a close look at your stuff to determine what is really important to you and what you have because it’s always been there or because it looked good and you purchased it.

After you’ve reduced your stuff, you’ll only have meaningful and really required items. It will also make your relocation much simpler.

You can spend less money on decorations, even if you love to change things up

If you like redecorating a standard home every year or two, a little house can be the perfect canvas for you. Even if you wanted to repaint the whole thing, you could accomplish it in an afternoon with just a can or two of paint. What about new flooring? You have just 200 square feet to work with!

If you like Tinier items of décor (photos, throw cushions, carpets), the same principle applies. Because you have such a little space to coordinate, it is much simpler and less expensive to renovate the whole home. Because you have additional money in your budget, you won’t have to go room by room – the whole home is yours to play with.

Perhaps this is where your energy bill savings can be used.

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