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7 Opportunities of Hospital Expansion Plans

hospital expansion

When a business expands, it’s usually a sign that it is doing well. After all, why would you spend money on massive costs for no reason at all? A business usually expands because they need more space to accommodate its market demands. The same goes for why hospitals develop expansion plans.

Usually, when a hospital undergoes an expansion, many patients find it uncomfortable because they relocate offices, and spaces are limited. Indeed, going to a hospital during a construction project is not the best time. But the thing is, hospital expansion plans provide many opportunities for a hospital to operate and serve better.

Aside from its operations and services, expansion plans provide better patient and employee experience. In this post, let’s discuss opportunities opening during and because of hospital expansion plans.

1 – Opportunity to communicate ongoing problems and employee concerns in the hospital

A hospital is a massive institution with hundreds of employees working together to provide the best patient treatment and care experience. Since hundreds of people work together, problems and issues could happen within the hospital. And if you have that many employees, sometimes, their concerns aren’t heard and relayed to the management.

When working on a hospital expansion plan, hospital stakeholders get to set meetings to discuss the project. Those meetings allow employees to raise their concerns to their managers and department heads. Even though the employees won’t be able to communicate directly with the project planners, at least their managers will be aware of their concerns through the meeting.

2 – Opportunity for health workers to try different departments and work assignments

Usually, hospital expansion plans move through phases. Since they will be relocating offices and hospital spaces will be limited, they’ll need to assign workers to different departments. They usually reassign nurses and their laboratory specialists to departments in need of more people.

It’s an opportunity for medical workers to try something new, especially for those who feel like what they’re doing has become a routine already. It will also help nurses broaden their experiences in different hospital departments, especially the new ones. Of course, some health workers might not like that, but it’s an opportunity for them to grow. 

3 – Opportunity to improve management and department operations

In every business, no management or department is perfect. Even the best-performing department of a hospital has room for growth. Since hospital management will relocate some departments, it’s a chance for them to improve their department’s operations. 

Once the hospital expansion plan starts, office departments could notice the changes in the hospital. And as it progresses, each department’s daily operations might be affected, too. At some point, they’ll need to adjust and change their work operations, which is an opportunity for them to improve some work routines. Ultimately, it could help departments to work better and realign their tasks more effectively.

4 – Opportunity to replace old hospital equipment with better and newer models

Most hospital expansion plans also include renovating the current building of a hospital. It happens, especially if the existing property’s condition is still good. But if the hospital were to rebrand, it might consider making its equipment uniform by replacing its old models. 

It’s an opportunity for other departments to use better and newer models for their laboratory work. When patients see that the hospital uses new and advanced equipment, their trust in the hospital grows. Of course, we can’t guarantee that every hospital will replace its existing equipment once it expands. But an expansion is an opportunity for them to consider doing so.

5 – Opportunity to rebrand

One of the ultimate goals of hospitals after an expansion is to rebrand. It can be as simple as improving its image without changing the hospital’s missions and visions. Sometimes, even though a hospital is doing well, it considers rebranding to stay updated with today’s modern changes.

If an old but in-demand hospital undergoes an expansion plan, it’s the best time to start working on its branding. Also, wouldn’t it be the best time to rebrand once the hospital finishes its expansion project? Rebranding could start by improving and changing the hospital’s service processes and employee relations with the patients.

6 – Opportunity to embrace and adapt modern and digital processes

Today, we live in the most advanced and technology-reliant world yet. And it’s undeniable how important technology and the internet are to our lives. Frankly, 95% of most jobs today rely on technology to operate. 

During the pandemic, many healthcare businesses have started adapting digital processes. And since then, it has made many patients’ experiences better. It helps patients save time, avoid unnecessary hospital visits, and opt for virtual check-ups. Sadly, many hospitals are still behind on this. But if a hospital were to expand, that’s a perfect time for them to start embracing digital processes.

7 – Opportunity to expand and attract new market

Lastly is an opportunity to expand and attract a new market. When a hospital undergoes renovation or expansion, people are curious about the changes that will happen. Also, people think renovation makes a hospital better and cleaner. As a result, they go to the newly renovated hospital. 

If the hospital management is to increase its patient base or expand its market, it could happen during and after a hospital expansion or renovation project.

Expansion plans provide opportunities to improve the hospital’s overall performance and reputation.

Hospital expansions could put patients and hospital employees in uncomfortable situations. But in the long run, it will surely open opportunities that motivate the hospital to improve its performance and branding. But of course, the hospital management has to identify and look for those opportunities first. And more importantly, take action to achieve them.

About the author: 

Bianca Banda is a writer for Flex by MTX, a privately owned construction and engineering company that relentlessly champions the use of Modern Methods of Construction for social, economic, and environmental good.

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