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7 Pre-Wedding Gifts To Give To Your Fiance On Your D-Day

After months or years of planning, revising, and detailing, you’ve finally arrived on your wedding day. You’re likely feeling a rush of mixed emotions that you can’t explain. After all, you’re about to embark on a new, massive phase in your life. 

Since it’s the last moment before your marital status on your legal documents changes forever, it would be nice to surprise your fiance with a gift to commemorate it. Many couples give their partners surprise gifts before they walk down the aisle and officiate their wedding. Maybe it’s because it’s the last moment before they officially become a family that they want to recognise it.

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to give something to your fiance before they officially become someone you’ll share the same last name with for the rest of your life? If you’ve been feeling the same way, this post lists seven pre-wedding gifts you can give your fiance on your d-day. 

1 – A necktie

One of the gifts you can give to your fiance is a necktie. If you already know what your fiance will wear on your wedding day, you can get him a nice sage tie to complete his look. Even if you don’t know what colour his coat and slacks would be, gifting him a neutral-coloured necktie is still a great idea. 

I suggest getting him a tie that he can wear on any occasion, not just for your wedding. Of course, buying something unique and expensive for the person you love is exciting. However, it would also be nice if they could use your gift on any occasion and remember the meaning behind that gift. 

Practicality-wise, getting a tie he can use at his special business meetings is a great pre-wedding gift.

2 – A wristwatch

Another typical gift many women gift their boyfriends before the wedding ceremony is a wristwatch. Many people say that gifting a watch to your other half is becoming an engagement piece today. But aside from that, a wristwatch represents journeying through a new phase in your life as husband and wife.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your boyfriend that automatic wristwatch you believe would match his corporate and casual looks, take this opportunity to surprise him. Buying him a leather or stainless steel wristwatch would also be the perfect piece to complete his wedding look.

Of course, you don’t have to get him a luxury watch if it’s beyond your means. You can simply buy from a designer brand known for quality watches. Again, it’s the thought that counts in this one.

3 – A pair of shoes he’s been eyeing for months

Sometimes, we give people gifts we think would suit them or like to receive if we were them. We overlook the present that the person would like to get sometimes. The thing is, the best kind of gifts are the ones we know the recipient has been eyeing for a long time already.

If your fiance is a sneakerhead, this is the best time to surprise him with a new pair to add to his collection. Whether it is a new Jordan, leather, or running shoes, if it’s a shoe style he likes, that’s enough. It would be fun if you could wrap it in a box from a brand he doesn’t like for the element of surprise. 

Wrapping the shoes in a different box will make his unboxing experience fun to witness before you tie the knot.

4 – Cufflinks

Another present your fiance could wear immediately at your ceremony is cufflinks. If you want your fiance to add an element to his overall look, buying a cufflink would be a great detail to add. According to research, cufflinks represent wealth, power, and reputation.

Since it’s your man’s special day, why don’t you give him cufflinks to elevate his look? When people say small details make a huge difference, they’re not lying. You’re wrong if you think small “button-like” cufflinks won’t make a difference in your fiance’s look. Here is your sign that getting him cufflinks is a great gift idea. 

5 – A miniature of the moment/day you first met

Every great love story starts with a humble beginning. It could be an accident, a mundane moment in their days, or even out of a blind date they didn’t want to attend at all. Whatever humble or unexpected beginning your love story has, why don’t you recreate it using miniatures?

Today, many online businesses accept orders for miniature art. Wouldn’t it be sweet to witness and be reminded of how you first met through a small art? Don’t forget to be particular with your details, too. If you can, highlight the location, date, time, and clothes during that day. 

Isn’t it a special gift to remind your fiance of how far you’ve come from that unexpected meeting?

6 – A wallet with a handwritten letter you want to tell him before officially tying the knot

When going out, men only need their wallets and phones with them. But giving him a wallet might not surprise him, especially if your man is not into material things. With that, why don’t you add a handwritten letter inside the wallet?

Since you’re only a few hours away from becoming a married woman, why don’t you tell him the things you find hard to say personally? Before you say anything, remember that everyone has different ways of expressing love. If you find it hard to tell loving words to your lover in person, do it on paper instead.

 7 – A shirt with a quirky message of your inside joke

When giving gifts, we often want to buy expensive and luxury items. However, if your fiance is not into material things, why don’t you get him a shirt with a message of your inside joke? We all know that every couple has a language only they know. Surprise him with one on your special day if you and your lover have one. 

It can be a plain shirt with your inside joke printed or a branded one if you like. The shirt type won’t matter if your fiance will laugh and understand the message immediately. 

Any gift matters as long as it’s something your fiance likes and appreciates

Thinking of a pre-wedding gift can come with pressure, especially if other people are anticipating it too. But whatever gift you decide to surprise your fiance with matters as long as it’s something you know he likes. Whether it is a gift meaningful to both of you or him alone, he will surely appreciate it as long as it’s from you. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Rael Brook, a menswear retailer from London providing quality shirts and accessories in a range of colours, designs, and fabrics, to men across the globe. 

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