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7 things to do at Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake, a well-known Maharashtra hill station, is a great location for outdoor activities such as camping and picnicking. Pawna Lake is a popular spot for couples, groups of friends, and families who want an enjoyable vacation in the outdoors. Around Pawna the lake are lush hills that are dotted with old structures, providing the most unique Maharashtra sceneries.

For an entire description of Pawna Lake, PA, look below.

Pawna Lake Camping

Many travelers recommend camping at Pawna Lake as being among the top activities to enjoy in Pawna Lake. It’s an enjoyable activity for two or a small group of friends or even the whole family. When you camp here you will be able to enjoy some of the stunning scenery in the world, due to the region’s mild temperatures and abundant natural beauty.

In the vicinity of Pawna lake, there are numerous great spots to put up a tent to stay the night, such as the Tung fort and the Tikona fort as well as Bhaje caves. Bhaje caves.

Between four p.m. in Day 1 until 11 a.m. at the end of Day 2 of the trip, the camping experience in Pawna Lake is at its top.

If you get a wide enough view of the region around Pawna Lake, then you could see a few forts and peaks. Ziplining across Pawna Lake is a thrilling method to enjoy the stunning landscape. From the apex of the mountains around Pawn Lake, you may have a close-up view of the clouds, an experience which is both unique and captivating.

Explore the lake to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and capture stunning panoramic photographs. The Tikona fort is the ideal vantage point to soak it all in.

When: Ideally between sunset and dusk.


Paragliding from above Pawna Lake is a popular and thrilling attraction. If you go on an air-to-air tandem flight together with one of top world pilots, you’ll feel comfortable and be confident that you’re in good hands. Don’t go away from Pawna Lake without trying this amazing experience. When you fly over the lake it will be possible to observe the beauty of the lake without being blocked by clouds that typically float above hills.

Gliding around on Pawna Lake is enjoyable throughout all year long even on days where temperatures are in the mid to high 20s. Flying with birds and flying over the cloud is an incredible experience on its own.

Time of the schedule between 9:00 to 16:00.

Check out for yourself the Hills of Shinde Wadi

to breathe in the fresh air whilst walking through the hills of ShindeWadi situated in Kamshet is among the most sought-after activities close to Pawna lake. The hills rise to an elevation of nearly 200 feet, which makes them the ideal spots to take in the stunning morning sunrise. While you take in this amazing view and take in the peace of the region surrounding the hills.

These hills are just two kilometers from Kamshet They’re surrounded by the beautiful landscape that is Bedse Caves and Pawna lake. Anyone looking to give paragliding a go would surely love this spot.

The most ideal time to go in the direction of Shinde Wadi Hills is between 6 am and 8:30 at night.

To visit the Kondeshwar Temple

The Pawna lake trip should include a visit to the Kondeshwar Temple. It is the Kondeshwar Temple, which is dedicated to Shiva is well-known for its secluded location amid the forest. This temple in Kondeshwar is accessible after an exciting trek in the woods. The Kondeshwar temple is beautiful and has stunning architectural design.

Each visitor is amazed by the temple’s beautiful pond and the gorgeous black marbles that make up it. Peace and tranquility are evident throughout the entire area which makes the temple and the area surrounding the misty waterfalls a perfect place for a time of prayer.


While there are a variety of options for activities to enjoy at Pawna Lake but the most popular lately has been kayaking. Many people who visit Pawna Water come specifically to paddle on the lake. A kayak rental service to explore this lake has become a very popular option for tourists. The kayaking experience across Pawna Lake is one of the things that everyone should try at least at least once.

A professional guide over the process and guide you on each step can be a great help. While on the water rowing on your vessel, you’ll be able to see many amazing images.

Schedule When to start: Any time during the day, beginning at dawn until sunset

Take a look at your eyes at Enticing Dawn and the setting sun

Journeys in the direction of Pawna Lake, far from the bustle of city life and amidst tranquil views at the rising sun and the setting sun over the lake. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset views can be most enjoyable when you sit on the shores of the lake that is surrounded by lush hills. Be awed by the sound of the birds as you admire the breathtaking beauty of sunrise and sunset, and be awed by the amazing show of color on the sky above your head.

Alongside locals, tourists who visit close to Lonavala are also flocking to Pawna Lake to see the sunrise and sunset.

The hours are Monday to Friday, from 5:45 am to 6:45:45 am and 6:00 PM until 7:07 PM.

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