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8 Things That Everyone Should Be Aware Of About Twitch

Get ready for the ride of your life as we explore the most shocking information about the world of Twitch. From the mind-blowing to the downright unbelievable, these 8 things will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about streaming.

Not just for gamers 

While Twitch is known for its gaming content, it’s also home to a wide variety of other streams, including music, art, cooking, and even talk shows. Whether you’re into watching people play the latest AAA titles or just want to see someone bake a cake, Twitch has something for everyone. If you’re looking to aggrandize your community of streamers and followers, try out They have services well suited to directing the best traffic towards you.

Big money 

Streaming on Twitch can be a lucrative career for some; with the top streamers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year through sponsorships, advertising, and donations from fans. If you’re thinking about starting your own stream, know that there’s potential for big rewards.

Live interactions 

One of the best things about Twitch is the ability to interact with the streamer and other viewers in real-time through the chat feature. This can lead to some truly unforgettable moments and allow you to make some friends and followers too.

Twitch Prime 

Did you know that Twitch has its own premium membership program, Twitch Prime? With Twitch Prime, members get free games, in-game content, and a free subscription to one Twitch channel every month.

The IRL category 

Twitch has a category called “IRL” (In Real Life) that allows streamers to go live and show their daily lives. This can include everything from going to the grocery store to taking a walk in the park.

Partnerships and Affiliates 

This is a program offered by Twitch that provides streamers with access to exclusive features and tools to help grow their channel and make money.

To become a partner, streamers need to meet certain requirements set by Twitch, such as 

  • having a certain number of followers, 
  • a consistent streaming schedule, and 
  • producing high-quality content. 

The process of becoming a partner can be competitive, but once a streamer is accepted into the program, they are able to monetize their channel through ads, subscriptions, and other revenue-generating opportunities.

Partners also have access to tools such as 

  • custom emotes, 
  • the ability to schedule streams, 
  • and the option to offer subscription tiers to their viewers 
  • a dedicated support team, 
  • participate in Twitch-hosted events and promotions.

The Affiliate Program is a similar program to the Partner Program, but with a more relaxed requirements, and it’s open to more streamers. 

Affiliates can also monetize their channel through 

  • ads, 
  • subscriptions, 
  • and other revenue-generating opportunities, 

but with less access to tools and support than partners.

Being a Twitch Partner or Affiliate can be a huge step for streamers in terms of building a sustainable career on the platform. It gives them access to resources and opportunities that can help them grow their channel and reach a larger audience. 

If you’re a streamer looking to take your channel to the next level, it’s definitely worth looking into Twitch’s Partnerships and Affiliates Program.


Every year, Twitch hosts its own convention called TwitchCon, where streamers, fans, and industry professionals come together to celebrate all things Twitch. The event includes panels, meet and greets, and even a cosplay contest.

The Twitch community 

The Twitch community”, highlights one of the most unique and valuable aspects of the platform —the sense of community it fosters among its users. From the streamers to the viewers, everyone is united by their love of streaming and the content on the platform.

Twitch has a variety of features that allow users to interact and connect with one another. This includes 

  • the chat feature during live streams, 
  • and the ability to follow and subscribe to other users. 

This has led to the creation of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who enjoy the same content and share a passion for streaming.

The Twitch community is also known for its inclusivity and positivity. The platform is home to a diverse group of people from all walks of life, and the community encourages and promotes acceptance and respect for all.

The Twitch community also plays a big role in supporting and uplifting their favourite streamers. From donating money to subscribing to their channels, viewers show their support in various ways. This has led to many streamers becoming successful, and many of them have built a loyal fanbase.

In conclusion, Twitch is not just a platform for gamers. It’s a platform for everyone. From cooking to IRL, Twitch has something for everyone. The platform has also allowed many individuals to make a living out of streaming, and has also created a sense of community where people from all walks of life come together. So, if you haven’t already, give Twitch a try, who knows, you might just find your new favourite streamer or even make some friends and followers.

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