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Alone Season 8 Location Revealed

For seven seasons, “Alone” has taken audiences worldwide to watch ten survivalists battle harsh conditions while attempting to survive for as long as possible. We’ve seen them tough it out in Canada, Argentina, and northern Mongolia.

In season 8, the show brought ten people to a new location called Chilko Lake in British Columbia. And it may have been the most dangerous place yet!

Chilko Lake

History Channel’s hit survival show “Alone” has returned to its most dangerous location yet, with season 8 taking place on Chilko Lake in British Columbia. Equipped with just ten items and a camera kit, the contestants are tested by the harsh elements, loneliness, and deadly predators around Chilko Lake.

Aside from hunger, the contestants are also at risk of encountering grizzly bears and other dangerous wildlife. They are constantly in search of food and a safe shelter.

In addition, Alone takes their health seriously and has several medical checks to ensure that the cast is healthy enough to continue. In some cases, if a contestant’s health is compromised, they may be forced to leave the show.

British Columbia

A popular history channel show puts ten survivalists in a remote wilderness where they must survive for three weeks. They are only allowed to bring a certain amount of gear from home, and their survival skills must be tested.

British Columbia has been Alone’s backdrop for several seasons, including Season 2, when the show was filmed in Quatsino Territory near Port Hardy. Despite a lot of hardship, the location worked well for the show.

For Season 8 of Alone, the production crew chose Chilko Lake in west-central BC. The lake is situated 3,800 feet above sea level and amid mountains.

Chilko Lake is also known to have one of North America’s densest grizzly bear populations. This was a dangerous location for the contestants, who had to face extreme weather conditions and wildlife in addition to hunger and loneliness.

Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are one of the most dangerous predators in the world. Known for their aggressiveness, they can kill a human with a swipe of their claws.

In season 8 of the History Channel’s survival show Alone, ten participants are dropped into the wilderness in Canada. Equipped with ten items and a camera kit, they must battle the elements, hunger, and the deadliest of all, grizzly bears.

As the show progresses, the threat becomes more and more real. Whether it’s a fear of eating poisonous plants, an intruder sabotaging their only chance at hunting, or the mental toll of isolation on one participant, this year’s challenge has a whole new meaning.


In this reality survival series, ten contestants are dropped into the wilderness to survive using only their wits. They are tasked with building their shelter, foraging food, and keeping safe from dangerous apex predators.

The series was filmed entirely in Canada, known for its rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions. The producers chose Tsilhqox Biny (Chilko Lake), a glacier-fed lake in British Columbia, as the location for Season 8.

This location was chosen because Chilko lake is renowned for its hungry bear population, which is a challenge to any new survivalist, as they face not only harsh weather conditions but also grizzly bears, wolves, and cougars. But these animals aren’t the only danger lurking in this remote region, as they also have to deal with the mental aspect of surviving in the wilderness.

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