Animation Trends Of The Year 2022 That You Don’t Want To Miss


The year 2022 is coming to an end in a few months. It’s a great time to take a look at the trends in graphic design that have raised the standard across the board. 

The trends inject fresh vitality into the animation industry with their appealing brew of nostalgic elements, forward momentum, and tolerance. 

Do you prefer low-fidelity, traditional animation to high-end, photorealistic computer animation? How do you feel about old-school versus dynamic typography? Whatever the case may be, 2022 will be the year of bold experimentation in animation.

This article will discuss the top 8 animation trends that have taken the internet by storm. Thanks to Glowza Digital for collaborating with us to pen down all these trends. 

  1. Flat Style Characters: The New Marketing Standard

While the flat design aesthetic has been around for a while, its recent surge in popularity has elevated it to a new level. For animations used in marketing, especially explainer videos, the flat design has become the norm rather than the exception.

This style is excellent for conveying intricate concepts clearly and comprehensively. Most people get an instant mental image of professionalism when they see flat images, and they’re also a lot easier to animate.

  1. 3D Forever: Cutesy Cartoon 3D Animation

3D is always developing in an effort to make the impossible seem less so. The more intricate it becomes, the more its shapes and colors try to simplify. Cute, spherical forms, painted in bright, contrasting hues to evoke the image of clay figurines, are at the forefront of the 3D movement in 2022. The end product is fantastic for kids’ movies and videos.

All in all, it’s time to move on from the cheap, empty-looking 3D mass-produced cartoons and realize that, done right, 3D can be just as beautiful and inventive as the 2D masterpieces of our youth.

  1. Hyper-Realistic Computer Generated Imagery (CGI): More Realistic 

You get hyperrealism when you combine real life and animation. People often say things like, “It seems more real than if it was real,” when they see animation like this in the cinematics of AAA video games.

Extremely stunning but also a little unnerving is the level of detail that allows you to make out individual pores on the character’s skin or tiny breaches in their armor.

  1. Psychedelic Animation: Trippy Dreams

Graphically speaking, the 1960s’ warped, melting, and distorted styles have made a huge resurgence. In motion, they take on an even more surreal and baffling appearance. This movement has emerged, much like a counterculture, to mirror the anarchy of the present and find inspiration in it.

The vibrant colors, clear animation, and captivating style of these videos revive our carefree spirits. The tendency, if it continues, maybe too much for the general population. Being the Anti-Trend, it will always appear just beyond the mainstream but never in the limelight.

  1. Custom Mascots Character: The Brand Ambassadors Make A ComeBack

Custom brand mascots are second only to flat-style animation in terms of popularity in recent marketing, explainer, and advertising videos. Perhaps not as sophisticated as more traditional mascots like the Duracell rabbit, but nonetheless novel and endearing all the same.

It’s clear that this is going to be a continuing pattern, especially as mobile apps continue to grow more and more advanced and dynamic. The mascots were created to complement the app’s aesthetic and function in tandem with the mini UI animations.

If you are just starting out in the world of animation and the fundamentals of 2D and 3D, you may want to start with something simple yet fun. Using puppets is the greatest place to start when making 2D explainer movies or animated infographics for marketing and business purposes.

By tracking your facial emotions and movement, Adobe Character Animator is the go-to program for animating your own mascots in real time. And above all else, have a fantastic time!

  1. Kinetic Typography: Words As Images

It’s fascinating to observe the polar opposite of the common belief that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In kinetic typography, the words themselves stand in for the ideas they represent.

The focus of this movement is on the innovative use of typefaces to make reading a fun and engaging activity. Lyrics and music videos were initially responsible for their explosion in popularity, but now they can be found virtually anywhere.

  1. Retro Cartoons: The Magic of Nostalgia 

Modern homages to classic animation styles will never go out of style. According to Glowza Digital, a top-rated video animation agency, the main difference is that these days artists use cutting-edge techniques to recreate the classic look and feel of hand-drawn animation from the 1930s and 1940s. This kind of animation thrives on its rough edges; the cuts between frames are intentional.

  1. Outline Animation: Contemporary and Entertaining

Due to the images’ simplicity, one can let their thoughts run free. What can be achieved with just a few lines of animation is quite astounding. There is no limit to what kind of animations you can make using outline animations.

From the most subtle and elegant to the silliest and most ridiculous. Since this aesthetic encompasses such a wide variety of design approaches. It has quickly become popular and can be expected to appear frequently, particularly in web/mobile apps and explainer films.

Closing Remarks

The 2022 design trends reflect our collective will to create joy and significance in the face of adversity and to shatter the barriers that hold us back. Because of their openness to new ideas and readiness to draw strength from disorder.

Animators today are producing stunning works of experimental art that are no longer confined to the underground. 

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