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Bala Hatun | Wife of Osman Ghazi

Bala Hatun

Bala Hatun Summary

According to the Kurulus Osman series, Bala is a lovely hatun with a kind heart who practises Islam. According to what we know, it appears that she was similar in real life as well, but not many characteristics of Bala or even Osman in the past are known. Although Halime, the wife of Ertugrul Ghazi, is often compared to Bala, the two women actually differ greatly from one another.

Bala Hatun was clearly better at managing her feelings and keeping her rage in check, but she is prone to heartbreak. Bala was a very educated woman because she was raised by a sheikh. She is intelligent but not sly. Despite being so sympathetic and gentle, Bala was a skilled swordswoman. She succeeds Selcan Hatun as the Hanm (Head Hatun) of the Kay tribe after her husband is elected the Bey. She embodies the tribe’s inherent mother affection for all of its children, especially the orphans.

She taught her sons the virtues of perseverance and the necessity of standing by one another even under the most trying circumstances. Bala Hatun was Osman Bey’s most ardent ally and was at the forefront of all his wars and conquests. She was a tough fighter who, when necessary, stood up for justice. She strongly regarded justice and only accepted the truth. She really highlighted a Devlat Ana’s tremendous significance (State Mother).


The actress Zge Törer portrays Bala Hatun. On November 20, 2019, the first episode of Kurulus Osman aired, marking her debut. She has since made an appearance in every single episode. She has a big part in this show because she is Osman Ghazi’s wife. She is the main female protagonist. Since Bala Hatun is the main hatun, it is expected that she will continue to show up in numerous upcoming episodes.

Marriage to Osman

Osman Ghazi was found suffering along a river by Bala Hatun, who saved him. The two of them had been in love ever since. The series repeatedly displays this. Bala cried a little and asked God to protect Osman when he was seriously hurt. Shortly after his recovery, they got married. Even after learning that she was probably unable to have children after being hurt by some Mongols, Bala was still concerned that Osman would not feel the same way about her. In order for Osman to carry on his heritage, she advised him to marry a new wife. This did not, however, alter Osman’s perception of Bala.

Even if she was unable to have children, he declared that he would still marry her. After that, Bala committed herself to being Osman’s faithful partner and awaited his return from fight. In order for Osman to carry on his legacy, she is willing to marry him to another Hatun because she loves him so much. She and Malhun (Osman’s second wife), despite a difficult beginning, finally get along, and it is revealed that Bala is expecting. Alaeddin Ali, a newborn boy, is soon born to her. She is the Head of the Bacyân-Rûm and the Chief Lady of the Kayi Tribe.

She has fought beside her husband in many fights as well. To the great joy of Osman and their family, she is found to be pregnant once more and gives birth to a baby girl they call Halime. Bala Hatun and Osman Bey were concerned when her father Sheikh Edebali was taken prisoner by the Seljuk Valide Ismihan Sultan (as payback for Osman’s efforts in defending former Seljuk Sultan Mesud and stealing the Royal Stamp). Bala Hatun was instructed by Ismihan Sultan to visit Marmaricik Castle secretly or else her father would be assassinated in an attempt to trick her into falling into a trap.

Bala Hatun was also taken prisoner as a result of the game Ismihan Sultan played. Ismihan, who had foreseen Osman’s arrival, threatened to kill both Bala and the Sheikh if he did not turn over Mesud to them when Osman and his allies discovered a way to secretly infiltrate the dungeons and save both his beloved wife and father-in-law. Bala Hatun informed Osman that she was willing to give her life to help establish the state. She begged him to go so that he might serve Allah, while giving him full custody of their kids.

Osman struggled mightily to leave her but eventually gave in because he and his alps were outnumbered. He promised to rescue both her and her father as soon as he could. Without any other option to save his wife and his father-in-law, Osman made the decision to give up Mesud in order to spare the lives of both Bala and Edebali. Mesud gladly agreed to give himself up after realising how helpless Osman was and advised him not to punish himself for the circumstance.

Bala Hatun Death

1324 saw her passing. She was buried at Bilecik beside her father despite the fact that she died before her husband, Osman. Within the compound of the tomb of Sheikh Edebali lies the tomb of Bala Hatun, which is also the tomb of her mother. Orhan Ghazi erected this complex, and Abdul Hamid II later rebuilt it.

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