Best legal sites for downloading Telugu, Bollywood and Hollywood Movies


Movies have been a significant part of human entertainment sources. When you talk about the film you can’t start without these two big division, Bollywood and Hollywood.

Despite them being made at different levels of budget, yet these are sorted out to be performing incredibly impressive across the globe. Addition to that, the new addition to these series is the very own Telugu movie industry with its fans around the world in a variety of formats of dub and sub.

So we have sorted a list of few sites where you can get deals of your need. We have classified them under the list of free and paid. 

Free sites for downloading Movies. 

1) Youtube

No wonder why starting with the legendary app/Site YouTube. So YouTube powered by Google has been one of the best video sharing platforms of this era till now.

Which also led to the production of several channels by the companies and the movie’s copyright holders to upload videos, scenes, trailers, and so much more. More than just television YouTube has played a vital role in promoting any movie you’ll ever come across.

So here youtube offers you all sorts of movies including those from the Bollywood, Hollywood & the Telugu portion too. YouTube is free to use just they got you some suitable ads that pay the uploaders, but it’s free of cost for you and also offers you a downloading option. 

2) Vidmate

I don’t know whether to call it a prevalent one or a very commonly used app by all. Whether your movie needs or the music need. The Vidmate features you a wide range of option for free of cost without any paid mode option. 

The app has worked more like a search engine when you search for a movie and then also allows you to download them even though the original site doesn’t offer any access for downloading. 

Vidmate also is capable of seeking videos from YouTube to save it on your device such that you’ll be able to share the data with other devices too. 

This also lets you download the movie via torrents and also it can download only the audio portion if you need only that. So the app features a wide variety of customization. 


So if you have ever used a torrent or if you are also a frequent torrent user then no doubt you have come across this site several times. The app owns a wide range of collection of movies across the globe. Also, it’s one of the most used and trending torrent sites you’ll see. 

Being a torrent site makes it free to use. Also, you can download the movies from here Using the but torrent or Utorrent app or any other similar app of your preference. 

Note: despite it being free, this one is a torrent site, so it’s a pirated one. We do not promote its uses.

Paid sites for downloading Movies.

1) Amazon prime

A global site that holds all of your entire shopping needs. So starting with amazon in the second phase, amazon’s is a very successful imitative in the online world also after its success over the market of products and item it also had made its first step to a new initiative of giving out prime services with some extra paid membership option.

So along with that, the amazon prime gives out a wide range of collection of movies, web series, originals across the globe including your Hollywood, Bollywood and Telugu needs.

2) Netflix 

Very much similar to the initiative by the amazon regarding the production and streaming of movies videos TV shows web series originals and so much. Netflix has been one of the most beloved and most trending service providers after the massive success of sacred games and similar web series.

Netflix is a paid app, whereas you buy membership of your choice, and then you can quickly gain access to stream and download a vast range of videos and movies. It also gets you a variety of Hollywood movies to Bollywood movies to Telugu movies. All you need is ready here.

3) Hotstar

Another big name on the list you’ll find on the Internet, presenting your hotstar. Produced by the star association that owns a no. Of channels in the Asian markets as well as in the global market too. Hotstar prevails a wide range of collection of movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood, including Telugu movies also. The hotstar app has been providing a good stream and watches option along with the download option.

The app is free to use but to hold the better access over all the new movies and many old but classy contents you’ll be bound to enter the paid option. The system also offers paid mode for a few items, but it’s free for a great variety of movies you’ll be seeking. The app contains an ad for the free edition, but the paid version is clear. The paid edition also lets you access some of the live channels too! 

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