Best Safe: The Comparison

The safe is essential for both companies and households wishing to secure precious documents and various valuables.

However, manufacturers currently offer a wide range of models and finding the right equipment is not always easy. In order to help you, we present to you in our buying guide the best safes of the moment as well as some advice for choosing the right one.

What is a safe?

A safe is a type of steel box used to store and secure valuables, including valuable documents, cash, and jewelry. It also allows us to protect our property against fire and water.

It indeed consists of very thick walls as well as an increased locking system which can be key, combination or electronic code. There are 2 types of safes, namely the built-in model and the free-standing safe.

What is the best safe?

Find in our comparison the best safes currently available on the market.

Best value for money: safe with electronic lock from HMF

It is the ideal model if you are looking for a safe at the best value for money. This one will allow you to keep your valuables safe thanks to its solid steel body and its double bolt lock. It has green and red indicator lights to let you know when the batteries are low as well as a manual key system for emergency opening.

The best inexpensive model: digital safe – Meykey

This inexpensive safe is characterized by its reliability and functionality. This is made of solid 2mm thick steel and locks with programmable 3-8 digit PIN numbers. Additionally, this model features a powder coated finish preventing paint deterioration and benefits from an LED indicator showing security and trunk power status.

The best high-end model: Yale electronic lock fireproof safe

This Fireproof Safes is dedicated to those who are looking for a top-of-the-range model combining design and reliability. This one is distinguished not only by its resistance to intense heat and by its large capacity of 36.9 L, but also by its ultra-thick walls of 52 mm. Also, you will be dazzled by a high-performance touch keyboard and optimized storage.

How to choose a safe?

Depending on its volume

As we are talking about storage equipment, it is important to first consider its capacity. There are different sizes of safes on the market, ranging from small safes to large volumes and medium models.

This can vary from 3 to 70 L. To find the perfect safe, you have to choose according to the content to be stored. For example, if you want to store small items such as jewelry, cash or small documents, a 3 L model may be right for you.

On the other hand, if you plan to put fairly large goods in it, such as A4 paper or a laptop, opt for equipment with a capacity of 7 to 20 L. The larger models as for they are mainly intended for the sheltering of larger objects and/or in quantity. Be aware, however, that the smaller the trunk, the easier it will be to hide.

Depending on its locking system      

This is the second most important criterion after volume. Indeed, it is the locking system that determines the reliability of the device. There are different types of closure. First, there are the key safes which are the most classic.

These are easy to use and install in any room of the house because they are resistant to humidity. Then there are the mechanical safes with combination discs, which are divided into two categories, including the versions with multi-dial locks and those with single-dial locks.

Opening with a pre-established combination in addition to the key, this type of safe offers increased security. Finally, the market also offers digital safes with electronic combination which are opened and closed by a secret number code. The advantage is that several people can benefit from the code and that we no longer fear key loss.

Depending on its lock and weight

In addition to the locking system, the lock is also an element that determines the reliability and level of security of a safe. This must resist a forced opening as much as possible.

It is therefore necessary to take into account the A2P standard indicating the resistance of the lock in terms of time against break-in attempts. Also pay attention to the other characteristics of the lock as well as the door such as the number and size of the bolts, anti-tearing, anti-sinking or even anti-sawing.

Constructed from heavy gauge solid steel, the safe is quite a heavy device. Some manufacturers, however, offer equipment that is increasingly light, but resistant so that the user can move and install it more easily. Medium-sized models now weigh around 15 kg. However, if you plan to fix your safe to the wall, the weight may not influence your choice.

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