Top 6 Best webinar software in 2022

webinar software

A software program called a webinar platform is used to hold online meetings, lectures, seminars, and other one-to-many events. This kind of tool is made to disseminate the webinar to a sizable audience. To make the webinar session more interesting and participatory, the majority of event planners employ webinar services and software. A variety of interactive features, including live polls, chats, Q&As, surveys, and more, are available on the online webinar platform.

The best webinar software streamlines and streamlines online gatherings for conferences, workshops, presentations, and seminars. By offering a simple video conferencing platform, the finest webinar software will be able to assist you in staying in touch with audiences like clients, employees, and other audiences. In contrast to regular conferencing, webinar software is generally used to administer online events like conferences, workshops, presentations, and seminars in order to simultaneously reach a large number of participants. There are various types of webinar software on the market. A list of the best webinar platforms is given below:

Top 6 webinar software


Dreamcast is one of the top platforms for webinars. They have survived the epidemic, adapted, and kept up with the expanding requirements of marketing teams forced online. Dreamcast offers a cutting-edge and potent platform, while many other ones are old and haven’t kept up with the times.

The benefits of webinars for businesses vary. Dreamcast offers both automated and live webinars, as well as the possibility for hybrid mixes of pre-recorded and live recordings, in contrast to many other webinar systems that only offer one or the other. Dreamcast also enables you to perform interactive polls, introduce offers with call-to-action buttons, distribute live document handouts, conduct Q&As, and do a lot more throughout your webinar.


  • Handle multiple attendees easily
  • Compatible with various browsers and OS
  • Incorporate polls and surveys with webinar
  • User-friendly dashboard and interface
  • Integration and analysis of meetings
  • High-level automation and webinar sequences
  • One-click invitation, screen-sharing, and embed registration forms


Livestorm is a fantastic webinar platform that works wonders for selling and showing off products. Any browser can use their software, and there are no limitations on the length of your webinar. Any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, can access it. You can run live, on-demand, or automated webinars using their service. For live events like product demonstrations, client training, and other technical sales topics, webinars are fantastic.

Their automated and on-demand webinars are most effective for video podcast interviews, staff onboarding, and online courses. Email logistics is one area where it shines out since you can send marketing emails, automate them, check email status, and personalize them.


  • Access easy to set up adaptable webinar themes
  • Interactive experience with chats, polls, questions, and more
  • 1:1 meetings with qualified leads
  • Export data as CSV or XLS
  • Detailed attendance analytics
  • Source tracking, replay analytics, and participation report
  • Unlimited storage of recording
  • Display in-webinar CTAs
  • Comprehensive, multi-language customer support.
  • Freemium Plan with essential features

Zoho Meeting

One of the best webinar software for hosting interactive webinars is Zoho Meeting. It is ideal for anyone looking for a platform that can be used for group web conferencing, one-on-one meetings, internal team meetings, and marketing webinars. Tens of thousands of clients all over the world rely on it since it is so easy to use. World-class products are produced by Zoho for all facets of your organization. Zoho has you covered with everything you need, from CRM and marketing tools to customer support and financial solutions.


  • Offer browser-based access
  • Interactive video conferencing feed
  • No cut-off times
  • Robust security features
  • Allows to join webinar or video conference straight from your webinar


This user-friendly webinar platform might help if you have little to no technical experience setting up webinars. Additionally, it enables you to have a private, password-protected online meeting with your target audience while hls streaming directly to a YouTube page.


  • Automatic recording
  • Excellent customer support
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Social media integrations like Facebook
  • It only takes 60 seconds to set up and run


One of the most often used platforms for webinar software on this list is ClickMeeting, which features a striking and intuitive user interface. You can more easily connect with your consumers with ClickMeeting for training, product sales and marketing, and other purposes. Overall, the technology is well-integrated and user-friendly and offers possibilities for automatic webinars and personalized invitations.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will love this webinar software. Clear instructions are provided by ClickMeeting so that you can easily set up the event without worrying about any technical details. Additionally, it provides analytical information to the audience for the forthcoming webinar as well as the previous webinars.


  • Offer surveys and polls for feedback
  • Allows you to record the entire videos and audio of the live sessions
  • Different uses can present with HD video
  • It allows you to integrate Youtube and Facebook in order to increase the engagement
  • Offer Q&A sessions


WebinarNinja is a reliable provider of live webinar services. Powerful, all-in-one solutions like AppSumo, Podia, Printful, and others rely on it. A wonderful option for businesses wishing to host quick, simple live webinars that are automated is Webinar Ninja. This is a fantastic alternative for small enterprises, producers, consultants, and more because of its simplicity of use and on-the-ground support.


  • Multiple polls running
  • Display timed offers any time during your webinar
  • Email automation plus drip campaigns
  • Superfast live chat
  • Instant screen sharing
  • High-conversion and custom-registration landing page
  • Analytics dashboard that allows export of data
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