Blue World Trade Center Facts You Need to Know

Blue World Trade Center
Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center Islamabad property exchange tower is intended to assist real estate experts and business owners from all over Pakistan, notably those from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Blue World Trade Center location Map is another essential element of the idea. In the middle of the country, halfway between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The building’s provision of luxurious corporate offices and residences will also help locals and professionals.

With the Petronas Skyscraper Replica, Pakistan’s first property exchange tower, the BGC-IGC Consortium advances the commercial sector. A mixed-use, innovative building with all the luxuries and amenities, including two helipads, is the concept behind the creation of a property development hub in Pakistan that would enhance company performance, luxury, and productivity.

Blue World Trade Center in Islamabad Has Continuous Digital Surveillance

Security cameras capture images both inside and outside of the Blue World Trade Centre Islamabad as well as on the grounds. High-quality cameras can film seven days a week, nonstop. Many cameras come equipped with in-built motion sensors that activate the security system even in the absence of movement.

Stylish Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure is required, as shown by the Blue World Trade Center site map. Investors are drawn to modern apartments because of its amenities and conveniences, such a clubhouse, a swimming pool, or a public laundry facility. Interior designers are working on the apartment’s décor and design because it is so well-liked. Even if the location and floor plan are perfect, the wrong décor choices might make the room feel unwelcoming. When you first see the Blue World city Center Height, modernism is obvious. Because of its height and distinctive construction, the structure seems intriguing and arresting; as a result, it is praised and referred to as the Petronas Tower Replica. also read prestige park grove


In metropolitan locations, heliports are frequently observed on the rooftops of structures. The Blue World Trade Center’s location map shows a helipad. Rooftop helipads have a large two-digit number that represents the maximum weight the pad can support (in thousands of pounds). Even prime ministers from the elite class will be able to travel by helicopter thanks to this helipad.

Environmental Safety

The builders of the Blue World Trade Center lay a major emphasis on top-notch security. As a consequence, the amenities in the master plan will be adequately secured and furnished to allay investors’ and future residents’ security worries. Investors may want to think about Blue World City if they’re seeking for a secure home project.

Tourists’ Destinations

It is a huge undertaking for Blue World Trade Center Developers to build the BWTC. This skyscraper will be a Petronas Towers replica and was constructed to international standards, which is why it is turning into a popular tourist destination. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are two structures known as the Petronas Twin Towers. They were the tallest structures in the world from 1998 to 2004 based on the Council on Tall Structures & Urban Habitat’s official standards and categorization. It will be a 23-story tower with two parts. BTWC will reserve spaces in the three-story basement for parking. On several of the 23 levels, there will be commercial businesses, and each floor will have a different Blue World Trade Center payment schedule. A skywalk will be available between the two buildings, which are connected by a bridge. A skyscraper will be the structure. A significant portion of real estate development involves creating public attractions, and in Zaitoon City, this is virtually done. also read adarsh park heights


We are authorized distributors of Islamabad’s Blue World Trade Center and Lahore is Blue Town Sapphire. As a result, if you begin the booking process with us, you will receive a different discount. TimeSquare Marketing makes an ongoing effort to present you with projects that can strengthen your investment portfolio. To learn more about our other comparable projects in Lahore and Islamabad, give us a call right away.

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