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Being clean on the inside is crucial for any weight loss or cellulite treatment and can be the difference between success and failure. Have you ever had a blocked drain? If not ask a plumber. When a drain is blocked you cannot wash anything down, it all gurgles back up. Even Abflussreinigung Berlin plain water gets pushed back up and it smells horrible and you know that they are not clean. Bacteria will grow and thrive in this environment, and it all gets yuckier and smellier until the drain is completely blocked and nothing works.

Your own piping system is not much different and it needs to be clean and clear or debris. Your intestines are notoriously long, so long in fact that it seems logistically impossible that all that length of intestine can possibly be inside you. The small intestine is about 23 feet long and the large intestine is shorter only about 5 feet but is wider than the small intestine; hence their names. Yes around 28 feet of tubing is inside each of us and everything we consume goes along this amazingly long tube. But it gets worse. Inside your gut are villi, which are like shaggy hairs. These villi increase the surface area of your intestine to about 250 square meters. The size of a tennis court! Now imagine if this area is clogged with waste and toxins. This would obviously reduce the surface area and have a major affect on your metabolic rate and ability. Have I shocked you enough to want to clean your intestines? I do hope so, don’t worry it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. And it is a simple daily drink. The drink consists of the purest form of fiber the psyllium husk.

A soluble fiber in its purest form

Psyllium husks are a soluble fiber in its purest form. To take, add two teaspoons of psyllium husks to water, stir, and drink. You must drink it straight away as the little seeds swell up in water and gel. You want this gel to form in your stomach, not in the glass. This psyllium gel moves slowly through your intestines, stimulating the transport of waste. The resulting bulk stimulates a reflex contraction of the walls of the bowel. This is great exercise for the intestinal walls and will encourage your eliminatory organs to move waste through the system with greater efficiency. This is good to do several times a year. Do it at the start of every season.

Take the psyllium husks at night before you go to bed. You may bloat slightly from them at first so I recommend you take them at night as opposed to during the day. Then any bloating will occur during your sleep time. Take them for two weeks; you don’t want to take them for long periods of time. Take them for two weeks every three months.

The easiest way is to pop a teaspoon of husks into a wide tumbler, swirl them around like mad, and then gulp down as swiftly as possible. You’ll need to refill the glass to get them all down and rinse your mouth. You can also get them in capsule form and is the easiest way to take them. If you are over 40 I recommend that you add psyllium to your diet on a daily basis.

Cutting edge cleaning

A five day shut down had been planned at an oil refinery to accommodate traditional pressure jetting and chemical cleaning methods to clean four crude train heat exchangers. Tube Tech challenged this route using an alternative innovative method to overcome the main disadvantages: Difficult to clean with lengthy downtime leading to expensive lost production.

The company was able to clean each bundle in a few hours without chemicals or high pressure water jetting, while the other three exchangers were kept running to maintain continuity of production, effectively ‘flat lining’ the production output. The cleaning procedure delivered a substantial Kj/C-hr improvement on just one bundle compared to all four bundles previously cleaned with either of the traditional procedures.
Cleaning technology

There has been little change over the decades in the methods and equipment used to clean and de-scale heat exchangers and pipelines. The low-tech approach of high pressure water jetting has kept it as a low skilled job with largely unimpressive and variable results.

Despite being armed with demonstrable evidence of being able to achieve better results than traditional methods, the company has faced an up hill struggle to get its innovative techniques widely accepted. It has not been easy persuading potential clients to consider trialling new techniques designed to improve substantially on traditional water jetting methods.

There has even been outright skepticism that Tube Tech’s claims can be substantiated. Persistence and determination were needed to change the industry mind set regarding the effectiveness of current cleaning methods. Long-term maintenance contracts can also act as a barrier to an investigation of the company’s advances.

The historical reliance on low tech, low skill water jetting for pipe cleaning has meant that clients have accepted that this is the best that can be achieved. This meant that there was often no quantifiable data against which Tube Tech’s improved results could be measured.

Setting out to motto a more scientific approach to the whole cleaning and de-scaling process

The company has created more than 40 innovative techniques. This has led to several ‘firsts’ in heat exchanger and pipeline cleaning processes. These developments include:

  • The ability to clean exchangers in-situ where previously they were pulled.
  • The ability to clean and unblock hairpin bends.
  • Speed cleaning difficult bundles in hours instead of days.
  • Online cleaning of difficult heat exchangers

The introduction of more sophisticated technology enables the cleaning and de-scaling to be carried out faster so there is considerably less downtime, and potential mechanical damage to equipment is eliminated. Less waste, dry processes and the elimination of chemicals provides a safer and more environmentally acceptable process.

The company has also taken traditional pigging methods and tailored them to achieve much better results. Operating in a tube and pipe environment from 2mm to upwards of 1m, equipment is modified to suit the consistency of deposit and pipe configuration. A wider variety of deposits can be removed by an innovative drift system loaded into large diameter pipes through a very small aperture which then expands to suit the diameter. It also has the ability to return back down the same line without creating an expensive loop system.

Aluminum tubes

The scale which builds up in aluminum furfural exchangers Rohrreinigung Berlin is notorious for being highly tenacious. The accepted wisdom has been that due to their delicate nature, aluminum hairpin heat exchangers can only be cleaned using 200 bar (3625 psi) bar water pressure.

This low-pressure approach only removes 20% of blockages and scale with the additional problem that it tends to compact coke deposits on the U bends rather than remove them. Working with clients sample tubes, Tube Tech’s research and development team devised a combined mechanical and water jet system which used 2500 bar ( 40,000psi) to remove coke deposits and improve overall cleanliness to 90%.

The three-stage process included a sensitive mechanical hairpin-cleaning device coupled with exceptionally low volumes of water. First, each tube was cleaned using the Softdrill(TM) lance made from ‘intelligent’ metals to prevent damage to the tube wall. These soften on entering the U-tube and stiffen on extraction, while an oscillating motion drills the blockage using a mixture of water and an occasional infusion of food grade media at 12 * the pressure and four times the speed of the conventional approach. Finally, a micro turbine rotating under controlled hydraulic pressure was guided through each tube.

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