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Deep carpet cleaning and Sofa Cleaning services in Dubai

The best carpet cleaning businesses include Brilliant Cleaning. We are experts in stain removal, carpet scenting, carpet cleaning, and disinfecting. To clean your carpet, our crew will employ vacuuming and carpet washing techniques. In addition, we not only clean carpets but also wash carpets and clean rugs, which has made us one of the best carpet cleaning businesses in Dubai.
When we clean carpets, we:

We are aware that there are several sources of dust particles and allergens in homes. The best dust traps are carpet and upholstered furniture. To guarantee that dust is removed, the carpet must be cleaned frequently, just like any other type of air filter.

The following measures are carried out by our experts when cleaning carpets:

Removing all dust:

Dust, food scraps, hair, fungus spores, and bedbug eggs should all be removed with a high-pressure suction vacuum. Three suction motors on the specialist machine operate simultaneously to clean even the fibres in the beginning.


Using the proper shampooing and chemical mixtures, we maintain the elegance of your carpet. A rotatory disc machine will be used to get rid of the shampoo. A carpet shampooing brush is located at the base of this rotating machine. Therefore, brush the carpet area thoroughly during this phase so that any undesirable debris inside the fibres combines with the foam created. Throughout the entire process, we only utilise a tiny amount of water.

Removing all moisture:

Using a strong suction vacuum, take out the foam- and moisture-containing particles. The process shortens the drying time while also removing unwanted particles from the carpet. This method must be used slowly and meticulously to the entire carpet.

Cleaning the carpet

Depending on the type of rug to be treated, sanitise the carpet with a disinfectant chemical using a ULV or conventional sprayer. Occasionally, when there is a hazardous issue with the carpet fibres, we use scanned disinfecting powder.

Your carpet will last longer and look better if you take care of it. A professional carpet cleaner must visit your home at least once a year in this day and age.

Not only do brilliant cleaning services aid to safeguard your home’s general wellness. Increase the lifespan of your investment as well. Using our carpet cleaning procedures and tools, we obtain a high level of cleanliness.

If you’re looking for the best and most reputable Sofa cleaning in Dubai, the best carpet cleaning in the area, or rug shampooing, Brilliant Cleaning should be your top pick.

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