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Different Types Of Gemstone Rings To Enrich The Beauty

Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

For a long time, diamonds have been an obvious choice for rings. However, gemstones are now becoming increasingly more popular for use in rings. Whether for personal preferences or budget reasons, the unique stone rings provide a pop of values and colors and that makes them more attractive. Gemstones refer to nearly every stone utilized in making jewelry. While some of the gemstones are ancient in nature, others are recently discovered. All of them have their own geological origin, special color, and story. Gemstone rings are growing in popularity much more than before. So, let us find about the different types of gemstone rings that are most popular these days: 

Amethyst Rings

Silver Amethyst rings are well-liked by everyone as its solid purple hue makes a bold statement. It is a durable stone with a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. While an uncut, raw amethyst is linked with homeopathic healing, when cut well, this gorgeous jewel looks great in a ring setting, especially when paired with an emerald or diamond halo. 

Moldavite Rings 

Belonging to the Tektite family, the green moldavite rock is a natural stone. It ranges from a light pale green color to dark forest green color. The bubbles like inclusions on the surface makes it an attractive stone. Since Moldavite is known as the “extra-terrestrial” gem, the wearer can feel the power and energy of the stars and moon. If you wear a moldavite ring, it will help you ward off all the negative energies and invite positive traits only. Due to this, Moldavite rings have become a vital part of daily jewelry wardrobes of most people. 

Tanzanite Rings

Another must-have gemstone ring is a tanzanite ring. Tanzanite color can vary from light blue to blue-purple undertone. This gemstone has an excellent color-changing effect that can be noticed from different angles. Tanzanite Rings come with exclusive symbolism and significance. They are not only velvety, but have rich effects as well. People generally wear tanzanite to make powerful connections spiritually and produce a relaxing effect. A Tanzanite ring also works to boost your immunity and protect you from different diseases. 

Opal Rings 

An opal ring can make the best gift, since it is given to somebody we would love for a lifetime. An opal ring can remind a couple about the precious moments of love that they spent together along with the intimacy and devotion between them. Though opal comes in different hues of white, orange, yellow, blue, colorless, and multi-color, the pink opal is the most liked one in rings. Pink opal rings have attractive splashes of light that can attract everyone. Bibelot Jewels, a Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry store, has all kinds of opal rings in their collection. 

Emerald Rings 

The emerald stone is a classy option for rings, but the versatile vivid green rock looks as gorgeous in contemporary ring settings as in vintage style rings. The highest quality Emerald rates 8 on the Mohs scale. Most women prefer emerald rings because of their outstanding beauty and royalty. 

Turquoise Rings 

The blue-green turquoise ring creates the energy of success in a person. This makes the person attain whatever they want in their life. This stone has traces of iron and copper in it, which is the cause behind its changing colors. It also has the capability to enrich the wearer’s communication skills offering them confidence to stand and speak in front of anybody. 

Bibelot Jewels is a Wholesale Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry manufacturer and supplier that deals globally in hundreds of gemstones and gemstone jewelry. Whether you want to Buy Gold Plated Round Bangles or buy gemstone rings, they have everything in their collection. 

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