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How to Draw a Cute Dinosaur

How to Draw a Cute Dinosaur

How to Draw a Cute Dinosaur

Would you like to learn how to draw a cute dinosaur? This easy step-by-step prehistoric drawing tutorial will help you master cute dinosaur outlines. Did you know that one of the earliest cartoons featured a cute dinosaur like this? It was named Gertie the Dinosaur and was shot in 1914, over 100 years ago! In the movie, playful Gertie does tricks for her human master.

The cute dinosaur cartoon characters have been popular for a long time. Generations have grown up with Littlewood, the “long-necked” dinosaur from Enchanted Valley, along with his friends Ducky, the “duck-billed” hadrosaur, Petrie, the “flying” or pterodactyl. Cera, the “three-horned triceratops” and Spike, the “spiky tail” or stegosaurus. This movie also featured the fearsome “sharp tooth” or tyrannosaurus rex!

Do you know the official name of a long-necked dinosaur like the one in our illustration? For decades, children learned that his name was Brontosaurus. Scientists later decided that Brontosaurus and brachiosaurus were the same species and retired Brontosaurus. However, recently brontosaurus fossils have been identified: the Brontosaurus is back! In addition to the Brontosaurus and brachiosaurus, there were other dinosaurs with long necks, like giraffes. These include Apatosaurus and Diplodocus.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Cute Dinosaur.

Step 1

Start drawing the cute outline of the dinosaur by making three long, curved lines. Two vaguely parallel lines will form the neck. The third will become the back. It should meet and overlap the top line of the neck.

Step 2

Next, draw the front leg. Use two curved bars for the dinosaur’s crate and shoulder. From the shoulder, extend another line and fold it back on itself to outline the foot and leg. Then draw short lines at the top of the leg and the base of the neck.

Step 3

Draw the remaining front leg. Again, draw a curved line and fold it back on itself to outline the elephant’s foot. Next, use lines in a “U” shape to form the nails on each foot.

Step 4

Draw the hind leg. Use a curved bar for the top of the shank. Let it overlap a second line that folds back on itself to complete the outline.

Step 5

Draw two curved lines between the front and back legs, outlining the belly and remaining back leg. Use “U” shaped lines to draw the toenails as you did for the front legs.

Step 6

Ketch is the head of the cute dinosaur cartoon. Use curved lines to outline the jaw, the top and sides of the head, the muzzle, and the chin. Curve a line inward at the top of the head without connecting it to the other line.

Between them, draw a series of “U” shaped lines to enclose a ridge or spikes on the dinosaur’s head. Use small “U” shaped lines for the nostrils and shade in a small oval inside each one.

Step 7

Draw two ovals for the eyes—shade in a smaller oval inside each to indicate the pupils. Retain a curved shape past each eye, creating the eyebrows.

Step 8

Extend two lines, one from the hind leg and the other from the dinosaur‘s back. Let the lines meet at a smooth point, forming the tail. Draw spikes on the top of the tail using a series of lines in a “U” shape.

Step 9

Draw a line down the dinosaur’s back and enclose spikes in a “U” shape at the top. Erase as needed.

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