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Earn money from content locker | Complete Guide | Propush

Earlier content locking was used in CPL and pay per download programs. ProPush.Me now enables you to earn via content locking.
Content lockers are special tools that restrict access to users on certain page and ask them to complete a task, survey, form or download an app. So once the users complete the tasks, you earn money from the advertisers.

1. Create Account And Add Website

Given screen shots can help you to work easy. The first picture from homepage.

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Fill up blank fields using all valid information.

Check your email and get verify link to approve your account.

Create a strong password and continue.

Click on “Sites

Click to “Add Source” >> “Add Website

Download .html file and upload to “public html” via cPanel.
Login to your website and paste into the front page of your site.

Login to your cPanel >> File Manager >> Public Html >> Upload

2. Create Zone And Verify

Create Smart Tag” >> Give a name and “Create

Again >> Download .js file and upload using cpanel.
Login to your cPanel >> File Manager >> Public Html >> Upload

3. Now everything done | More Help

Here are the examples, that will help you to design your own custom elements:

How to implement trafficback link in code

Manual integration

This is how you can implement the trafficback URL in code manually. For example, if you want to redirect users after they click “Allow” on push notifications subscription window, please put the URL in the code the following way:

…sdk.onPermissionAllowed(function() {    /* this code will be executed if user clicks on Allow button */ window.location.replace('');});…

You can use the same method to install trafficback for another events –  just put the link into the corresponding section of the code. 

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