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Belize, the hidden gem of Central America, is a lush paradise with a coastline full of glittering palm trees, beautiful white sand exotic beaches, a Caribbean atmosphere and many tropical islands. This is a destination that few people who know Belize think about. There is definitely a lot to see in Belize. Belize is home to pristine forests full of wildlife, giant Mayan pyramids, and one of the world’s most famous diving spots. The Great Blue Hole, Jacques Cousteau’s favorite diving spot!
Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize was a fully independent country in 1981 and the only English-speaking country in Central America. It is very convenient to be able to communicate in English with practically all citizens of the country. Although it must be said that anyone who prefers to speak Spanish will have no problem navigating. Especially in the northern part of Belize, you may find it easier to learn Spanish.
As one of the smallest countries in the world, Belize is as well known as some Central American destinations such as Costa Rica. Belize is half the size of the Netherlands and slightly larger than the state of New Jersey. Surprisingly, it is one of the least populated countries in the world. With a population of just three million, it’s no surprise that Belize has remained somewhat unknown and unexplored.
Belize is a rich multicultural country with friendly people and a strong Caribbean climate. This is a great destination for a nice relaxing holiday where you can relax on the beach, have a drink, enjoy the sun and relax! However, Belize is not just a destination for the wealthy who enjoy luxurious and exotic beach vacations. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers and adventurers on a budget. Kayaking, kayaking, jungle tours, snorkelling with sharks and exciting island survival for those looking for something really different.
The true beauty and excitement of Belize is found in the land, where much of the country is still covered in virgin forest as far as the eye can see. The remains of the ancient Mayan empire can be found here. Unnatural pyramids surrounded by rainforests that overtook these lost cities over time. Here you can go wild without seeing other spirits like jaguars, tapirs, peccaries, howler monkeys, Morelet crocodiles and macaws for days.
Some call it the Green Hell, but for true adventurers and wildlife lovers, it’s a veritable paradise where you can wake up in a hammock under the forest canopy, eyes and ears open to the sight of howler monkeys and birds. and husky. You can go to the waking world. Parrots Beautiful songs of hundreds of tropical birds
Unfortunately, not everything is perfect in paradise, and the beauty of Belize is threatened by loggers and poachers, who are seriously affecting the environment and wildlife. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to join tours and volunteer on overseas projects. These trips often dive deep into the wild, with the ultimate goal of providing sustainable financial value to the environment through responsible ecotourism and volunteerism. For local residents, income from tours and volunteer work is often the only option for short-term gains from logging and poaching.
For those who love World travel the blue and underwater wildlife, Belize will definitely not disappoint. Recognized as one of the best diving spots in the world, Belize is home to one of the largest intact coral reef systems in the world. Second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, it is a diver’s paradise. With famous dive sites like the Great Blue Hole, snorkeling in Belize is an experience not to be missed, and the PADI Institute is a great destination for scuba diving certification.
For those who want to do more than just observe the local marine wildlife, there are many opportunities to help preserve the marine environment of turtles, manatees and coral reef systems.
A unique opportunity to indulge in a ten-day survival experience is one of the many adventure tours Belize has to offer. Participants first receive days of intensive training in the art of island survival. After the training, a helicopter evacuation at sea is simulated under the supervision of experts. After a collision simulation, participants swim to a nearby uninhabited island with the goal of surviving regardless of the means offered by the island and the surrounding sea.

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