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Solitaire—the nostalgia evokes when one talks about it. It is one of those games that have retained its popularity even to this day and age. Back in the day, even Kings and Queens used to play this traditional card game. So much has evolved ever since. This single-player card game is there to jumpstart your brain and refresh your mind. Now, keeping up with this classic, Camel Motion Inc. has launched its brand new casual game—Solitaire^. After successfully launching social casino games like Camel Cash Casino and puzzle games like Slashy, Camel Motion has come up with its own version of this legendary card game.

Solitaire has more than one version available, but the most common and widely played version is Klondike. It is so popular that sometimes, people use “Solitaire” and “Klondike” interchangeably.

Solitaire—the classic Card Game:

Solitaire is a tabletop card game where one plays using a full deck of 52 cards. You basically have to arrange or assemble the cards as per the rules. This single-player card game is distinctive and unique on its own as you get the chance to compete with yourself. The ultimate objective of this game is to actually arrange all the cards in a certain order from Ace to King. Then you should build the whole card pack onto the foundation pile. If you are successful in doing that, you end up winning the game.

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You must be wondering, with so many versions of Solitaire already available in the market today, what makes Solitaire^ special? Well, to begin with, Camel Motion’s Solitaire^ stands apart from its contemporary versions in more ways than one. Let us take a look at what makes this version different from others.

Unique features of Solitaire^:

1.     Well, this game has some really fascinating and compelling themes and backgrounds available that you can always apply while playing.

2.     Next, there is an amazing soundtrack in this game, including interactive game sounds. This you can turn on and off whenever you want to.

3.     It also has some aesthetically attractive card covers to make your gaming experience more rejuvenating. The motifs on card covers are truly appealing.

4.     Now, if you want to throw some challenges your way, you can set a time limit to your moves as well.

5.     You will find a special feature called Standard Scoring. You can set your score with it if you wish to compete with yourself.

6.     There is a Hint feature in Solitaire^ that you can use whenever you are stuck. This Hint feature will help you with cues to make the required move.

7.     You can now also track and keep a score of your progress on the Statistics Board.

8.     So, if at any point you wish to undo a move, you can always use the Undo feature at any time.

Card Set-up in Solitaire:

1.     You have to make sure you create 4 piles of cards as your foundation piles. You need to arrange them from Ace to King.

2.     After that, you need to put the first card face-up, making sure the other 6 cards lay face-down beside it. Once you do that, you have to pull another card facing up on top of the first card which is facing down. You should continue this until each pile has one card facing up on top and the left pile has one card till it is 7.

3.     Now the cards that you just set up will form your tableau columns as you play the game.

4.     After you are done, create a stockpile from the remaining cards. This stockpile helps you when you run out of moves.

Basic Rules of Solitaire:

1.     Firstly, transfer all the cards to the foundation piles from their initial position.

2.     Now, you can move the cards from one pile to another while keeping the rules in mind. For instance, card 6 can go on top of card 7, or a Queen on top of a King.

3.     You can deal with the top card of each tableau onto more than one foundation.

4.     You also have to make sure that you arrange the cards in the tableau in alternate colors. For example, if the card above is red, the next card below it should be black.

5.     You need to fill the foundation pile in ascending order. Also, don’t forget that they match the right suit. For instance, 2 of Hearts can only go on top of an Ace of Hearts, and so on.

6.     Most importantly, if you use all the cards in one of the 7 piles, then you fill the empty space with a King. Remember, only a King can fill this empty spot.

7.     Lastly, you have to use your stockpile when you run out of moves. If a stock card cannot help you, you move that card to the waste pile, also known as the “talon”.

In Solitaire^, a scoring system helps you keep track of your moves. Each move you make has a point.

·        Waste to Foundation gets you +10 points

·        Waste to Tableau has +5 points

·        Foundation to Tableau has +15 points

·        Tableau to Foundation gives you +10 points

·        Turnover Tableau Card comes with +5 points


Solitaire is one of those games that impart life lessons to people. It not only enhances your cognitive skill but also improves your memory and teaches you patience. Solitaire^ is definitely going to prove to be a breath of fresh air for you with all its unique features. You can download this application from the App Store.


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