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Exploring Snapchat: A Snapshot of Its Rise and Features

Snapchat, a mobile app that lets you shoot ten-second videos or snap a photo, jazz it up with masks, lenses, text, stickers, or your own doodles, and send it as an alternative to a standard text message. Seems simple, right?

The Increasing Popularity

Surprisingly, Snapchat soared to become the second most popular social network in the US, trailing only Facebook. An April 2016 study by Edison Research revealed a 10% spike in its user base within a year. Among the 12 to 24-year-old demographic, Snapchat trails Facebook by just 6% in popularity (32% to 26%).

Origin and Growth

Born in 2011 from the minds of two American students, Snapchat initially aimed to be a platform for sharing fleeting photos and short-lived videos (snaps) that vanished after 10 seconds. Initially doubted by investors, its rapid capture of the American youth’s attention drew not only investors but also corporations eyeing it as a potent marketing tool. Techcrunch reported a staggering $500 million investment by 23 backers in 2014, while Business Insider highlighted a $100 million profit in 2015, with 2016 forecasting a whopping $300 million.

Snap Stats and Appeal

DMR’s Snapchat Report highlights 100 million daily visitors, with 60% actively creating content, resulting in up to 9,000 snaps per second. Videos garner up to a staggering 10 billion views, with Ireland boasting the highest user count. Buying followers and views on Snapchat .

Ways of Getting Popular – Buying views and Followers

Some people may use such strategy as buying followers or views on Snapchat. While organic growth is recommended, this way a sharp push may be obtained. SnapBooster offers to increase your followers within 24 hours. The packages are pretty cheap on that social media shop. You may want to compare the prices on other similar places on the net.

The Appeal Unpacked

Why has Snapchat got so popular? Firstly, it resonates with the tech-savvy, content-sharing generation Y, with 73% of users falling under this category. Secondly, it ensures privacy with content disappearing after brief viewing, a feature valued by 35% of users. Thirdly, its ‘Snap History’ allows users to compile their snaps viewable to friends and followers for 24 hours, attracting media channels and sparking a trend emulated by Instagram. Fourthly, it unveiled Snap Discovery, offering editorial content from major outlets, making it a hit for advertisers. Lastly, its unique advertising feature lets brands create personalized lenses, grabbing users’ attention.

Snapchat for Marketers

Despite lacking robust analytics, Snapchat offers marketers ample opportunities to reach a young audience. The app’s drawback lies in its analytics deficit, complicating the assessment of ad effectiveness and audience targeting. However, leveraging Snapchat’s functionalities, such as custom lenses, snap histories, or geo-filters, can be a potent promotional tool.

In Summary

Snapchat’s simplicity harbors vast marketing opportunities, particularly among the youth. While facing some analytic limitations, its various features offer unique ways for brands to engage and reach a vibrant audience. For companies diving into Snapchat marketing in Russia, there’s a chance to capture a significant following by being among the pioneering users.

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