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FIFA 23 Attacking Tips

In FIFA 23, due to the major differences between attacking styles, many players are finding it difficult to come up with good strategies to win. If you are looking for more options to destroy your opponents, your wait is over! This article will guide you through some amazing attacking tips so you can flex your skills on friends and destroy your opponents online!

Know When to Sprint and Slow Down

As the name suggests, Sprint in FIFA 23 means that players can burst past the opposing player, opening up the space on the pitch and hopefully getting a chance through on goal. But running at full speed won’t always be the best move since that can be predictable and easy to block, so feel out what you need and slow down strategically during your attacks.

Keep Possession of the Ball

This may seem self-explanatory, but keeping possession of the ball is key to attacking in FIFA 23. Without the ball, you simply cannot perform any attacks. Generally, some of the best ways to accomplish this are to change sides with fast ground passes or even high passes and return the ball to your defenders whenever necessary.

Get to Know the Controls

Of course, knowing the controls is also a huge part of completing successful attacks in FIFA 23. Once you’ve mastered the basics, get to know some of the more advanced tactics to get an edge on the competition.

Choosing the Perfect Formation

Mastering the best FIFA 23 formations is certain to raise your game beyond the standard ‘one goalkeeper, ten pace monsters’ set-up. When you’re starting out, try a variety of formations to see what works best for you, and play around with different options to see which ones you like more than others. Once you find your favorites, you can set those as your Custom Tactics & Formations that you want to keep moving forward.

Keep A Strong Defense

Even while focusing on attacking, you can’t forget about your defensive strategies, too. The main action should be performed with your central defensive players, and the backline should always remain intact when possible. You never want to leave an opening for the opponent to find a hole in your defense that can be easily slipped through.

Master The Power Shot

As the name suggests, the Power Shot allows players to dramatically increase the power they put behind their shots, making it much easier to score from a distance or blast the ball across the goalkeeper so fast that they don’t have time to react. It may be a little tricky to pull off at first, but rifling home a Power Shot is arguably one of the most satisfying ways to score in FIFA 23.

Pass Accuracy is Key

A common mistake in FIFA 23 games for beginners or casual players is passing without much thought and giving the ball away to the opponent. It takes some extra practice and strategizing, but eliminating the silly mistakes of giving the ball away will likely up your chances to make those attack shots so you can score higher in more matches.

Turn on Player Lock

The Player Lock feature takes some getting used to, but it’s a great way to advance your gameplay to compete at a higher level in FIFA 23. Player Lock will be your best friend if you want to make attacks and land goals successfully. Without Player Lock turned on, your passes may not go to the nearest players, which could lead to missed shots and losing possession of the ball. Getting comfortable with how Player Lock helps you choose your target for passes will help you strategically pass the ball so you can make quick decisions to land goals in any scenario.

It ends here. Now that you have all these helpful tips on how to improve your FIFA 23 attacking, get started and earn some extra FIFA Coins 23 while playing FIFA 23 today!

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