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Fix company file got corrupted QuickBooks error 6123

Millions of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the world use QuickBooks, an innovative accounting program developed by Intuit. It’s a no-brainer how much easier it makes running a business to have this tool at hand. However, QuickBooks, like every other piece of software ever created, has its share of bugs and flaws.

When multiple users are accessing the same QuickBooks company file, Error 6123,0 can occur. Although some of these alerts can be easily resolved according to the on-screen prompts provided by the software, others may present themselves as obscure and difficult to decipher. Many factors could be at play here.

A QuickBooks company report setup or use across a network is met with one or more of the following errors:

  1. Error 6123, 0 in QuickBooks.
  2. It appears that access to the QuickBooks company file has been lost.

Why Did I Get the 6123, 0 Error in QuickBooks?

Common causes of QuickBooks 6123, 0 error

  1. There is a problem with the network connection on the primary computer.
  2. There is no way to talk to the server housing the corporate file due to the firewall on the network blocking the port.
  3. Broken QBW data.
  4. Corruption in QuickBooks files or data.
  5. QuickBooks database services appear to be executed in several instances on your machine.
  6. The same company file from an earlier edition of QuickBooks is currently open in the most recent version of the software.
  7. If you’re doing this, chances are you have a backup on a portable hard drive or some other type of removable media.
  8. The user of the broken Window.

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What to Do When You Get QuickBooks Error 6123, 0

Fixing QuickBooks’ Error -6123, 0 might be a complicated process. The following, however, are some ways in which you might eliminate the problem.

1 – Use the QuickBooks File Doctor program

  1. When it comes to fixing QuickBooks issues, QuickBooks File Doctor is a great tool.
  2. This useful resource is available for download right here.
  3. Put the QBFD program through its paces after you’ve downloaded it.
  4. The system will show you the file or data corruptions that could be the source of error 6123.
  5. Once you’ve run the program and seen the damage it’s uncovered, you’ll have two choices on how to fix it:
  6. The company’s files have a backup that can be restored.
  7. For help opening a company file, contact the QuickBooks data recovery team.

Install and use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool (Solution No. 2)

  1. Check my network connection on your host PC. Launch the QuickBooks Connection Test Tool after installation.
  2. If none of the previously suggested options helps, continue on to the next one.

Third Option: Repair Corrupted Data Files

Follow these steps to repair the network data file if the error Code -6123, 0 persists after attempting solutions 1 and 2.

  1. To access the Explore menu, hit the Windows key (Start button).
  2. Right-click the file with the “.ND” extension in your Company folder.
  3. Put an a.ndold extension on it.
  4. It is imperative that you fix the network data file QuickBooks Error -6123, 0 if you want to use multi-user mode.

The following steps can be taken to activate multi-user mode:

  1. Select the “File” menu.
  2. Then The option to allow multiple users access can be found in the “Utilities” menu.
  3. The option to switch to multi-user mode is found under “File” in the menu bar.

Note that the option to “Switch to multi-user mode” will not be accessible if the company file cannot be opened. When that’s the case, select File > Utilities > Host multi-user access from the menu bar.

Option 4: Change the company’s filename or remove any symbols.

It is common to see this happen when a company’s file name contains a special character. A user must take the following precautions:

  1. You shouldn’t use more than 30 characters for your business’s file name.
  2. No accents or spaces should be used in the name.

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