Get Extra NBA 2K23 Coins When You Pay For The Game With An Amex Card

Those who pay for their NBA 2K23 copy using an American Express card receive a locker code that adds 35,000 NBA 2K23 coins to their account.

Check out the NBA 2K23 coins prices and deals on A6K! NBA 2K23 is less than a month away. If you want to be among the first who get to play the new game, you should place your pre-order as soon as possible. Each game edition comes with bonuses. You can grab one more if you pay for the game with an American Express card. The reward for doing so is a code for 35,000 NBA 2K23 MT coins. If you don’t have an Amex card, don’t worry! There are other ways to grab coins. Just buy cheap 2K23 MT coins from A6K!

How the NBA 2K23 Amex Promo Works

The trick is that you need to buy NBA 2K23 from the 2K store in order to receive the bonus. If you were planning on doing that anyway, then you are all set. Sort of, because there are extra terms that apply. Let’s talk about them and see if you are eligible for the NBA 2K23 coins code. The offer only works in the US. It is available starting on July 7th. It lasts until the end of the year, but you will most likely have the game way sooner than December 31st. The promo includes both pre-orders and purchases after the game is released on September 8th. If you pay using an American Express card, you receive a code. The value of the code is $10. You can redeem it for 35,000 NBA 2K23 MT coins. There is an expiration date on the code. Don’t forget to redeem it until the end of 2022 to get your coins. There is a limit of one code per transaction. It’s a locker code, so you claim it just like any other code of this type. You get the code in the email. You will be asked for an email address when you make the purchase. The code is received after the game is released. The Amex promo is available for game copies on PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K23 provides many ways to enjoy the game of basketball in a digital manner. MyCareer mode offers a realistic experience where you take on the world’s best athletes and show your skills in exciting games. MyTeam mode is all about mixing and matching. You can build your squad using current players and retired NBA legends. If you have a new vision for the NBA, you can see it come alive in MyLeague.

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