Gojek Clone: Successful Features and Functions

gojek clone

Since the pandemic has ended, businesses have gotten back on track. People are selling products in the shop, people are going on the streets to shop, and more. In brief, the world is getting on track. However, what’s new is – mobile apps. Every multi-service business is now backing up its operations on mobile apps like Gojek Clone. 

In this blog, we will look at some of the success factors of the ready-made multi-service app. 

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Success factors of on-demand app 

In this section, we will mention the various factors that define the success of the mobile application. 

Let’s look at those factors. 

  1. Assortment of 82+ services 

The application offers an assortment of 82+ on-demand services to customers on a single platform. Not only is a pre-built multi-service app affordable, but it is less time-consuming. The Goje-like app handles everything accurately, from taxi booking to placing the food order or sending parcels t

Every feature works seamlessly because it is made with the latest and most powerful app development technologies. 

  1. It has made everything accessible and convenient! 

Unquestionably, the on-demand multi-service application has made everything so easy that now, no one can imagine a life without it. All your customers need is a  smartphone and internet connection. 

Everyone can access the services anytime and anywhere on a single application! Moreover, a streamlined business platform allows more accessibility. For instance, customers can book taxi rides, order food, get a haircut appointment, and other services on the Gojek Clone app. 

  1. Make more profits 

With the on-demand multi-service app, you can make more profits! How? Well, entrepreneurs make money via business models. The business models we are talking about are: 

  • Commission-based business models: the commission is the certain percentage earned from every service rendered through the app. 
  • Membership subscription plans: the service providers have to purchase one of the many subscription plans available on the app and renew/upgrade them as and when required. 

Besides the profit earned, the entrepreneur also makes extra bucks from surcharges, cancellation fees, and in-app advertisements. 

  1. Increase your brand reputation 

With the help of the on-demand multi-service app, you can increase your brand reputation effortlessly. Upon discussion, you can tell the Project Manager what branding components you want to add to the app. Usually, the developers change the color theme of the application and website. Moreover, they will integrate your company’s name and logo everywhere on the app,  

Besides, everything is streamlined, giving you an extraordinary chance to increase the brand’s reputation. The more people use the app, the more sales will increase! 

  1. Enhances productivity 

The on-demand Gojek Clone app enhances business productivity. It concentrates on how you can gather more customers and boost your earnings. Moreover, you don’t have to manage anything manually. The admin can track down every single business activity on the robust dashboard. 

Additionally, the application allows the customers to download, install, and use the app because it has easy navigation, installs quickly, and offers a variety of services. 

Most Successful Features Of Gojek-Clone App 

Apart from numerous functionalities, the application offers countless features to deliver the best customer experience. Find the most successful app features in the below-mentioned list: 

  1. Facemask verification 

The feature ensures that service providers wear a facemask while making a delivery or during a trip. For instance, during a taxi ride, the driver has to upload a selfie wearing a facemask on the app. It is after this mandatory step can they begin the trip. 

  1. Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 

iPhone users can now log in with Face ID verification on the Gojek Clone app. On the other hand, Android users can use the Fingerprint Scanner to verify and login into the application. This smart feature has omitted the need to remember usernames and passwords and elevated the security level! 

  1. OTP verification to start the task 

The service providers can start the task only when they enter the four-digit one-time password sent to the customer’s mobile number or email address. It is a verification process that providers have to follow without fail. 

multi-service app

In conclusion: 

In summary, I’d like to say that the Gojek Clone app is the need of the hour. Every business should invest in this on-demand multi-service app! Having a mobile app means your business will be operational even during the harshest times like COVID-19! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the clone app script today and start the app development.

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