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Harry Styles As Eros Smirking Slightly in the Eternals Credits Scene

Harry Styles

During the Eternals credits scene, Harry Styles as Eros smirked slightly. This could be the first glimpse we have of him as the villain in the upcoming sequel to the film.

Salma Hayek’s first MCU film

Among the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe stars is Salma Hayek. The actress reportedly signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel Studios. She is also the first Arab actress to join the franchise. She is expected to appear in multiple films, including House of Gucci, The Eternals, and The Roads Not Taken.

After the first film in the MCU, Avengers: Endgame, the franchise will be divided into multiple storylines. One of the stories will feature a female Thor. This doesn’t mean that other characters in the series won’t appear elsewhere.

In the comic book version of “The Eternals,” Salma Hayek plays the immortal Ajak. She is the leader of the group. Ajak is a superhuman with healing powers. She is also the mother figure of the other members of the team.

Gemma Chan’s return to the world of celestial superheroes

Those looking to see Gemma Chan back in the world of celestial superheroes should head to Disney’s Eternals. The movie was directed by Chloe Zhao and features a cast of ten new Marvel superheroes. It was released in the United States on November 5, 2021. The film received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $402 million worldwide.

The film centers on a crew of ultra-powerful beings who are sent to Earth 7,000 years ago to battle the Deviants, an alien race that aims to destroy humanity. During their mission, they form a team of 10 superpowered beings, called Eternals, to protect the planet.

In the movie, a powerful Eternal named Sersi (Gemma Chan) leads her allies in forming the Uni-Mind, a device that allows the team to share their power. The Uni-Mind is a device that could potentially help the Eternals stop the Deviants from destroying the world.

Harry Styles’ character in the film

Amongst all the big surprises of Eternals, one of the most surprising was the inclusion of Harry Styles. The One Direction singer appeared in the film’s mid-credits scene, and is likely to have a larger role in the MCU. He wears a red suit with a silver and gold patterned chest piece.

There are two post-credits scenes, one of which adds to the main story and another which teases a new hero of the MCU. Both are worth checking out, though the first is the most entertaining. The second is less obvious but has implications for future MCU projects.

There’s no word on when or if there will be an Eternals sequel, but the presence of Eros suggests there’s more to the movie than meets the eye. The character’s name is actually Starfox, and he seems like a natural fit for the MCU.

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Eternals 2 could expose Eros as the villain

During the credits scene of Eternals, Harry Styles appears as the character Eros. He wears a red costume with a silver and gold pattern on his chest piece. This seems to suggest that Eros will appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Amid a whirlwind of controversy, Eros has been involved in a sexual assault trial. He was accused of coercing women into sexual relationships. He was also put on trial for sleeping with a married woman.

In the mid-credits scene of Eternals, Harry Styles’s Eros may be seen as a friendly face to the Eternals. If so, it could be hinting at a major shakeup for the MCU.

The film is set on the Domo, a ship occupied by the Eternals. While the Eternals were on Earth, they left to form a peaceful society. They eventually fled to the planet Titan, a moon of Saturn. They spent time experimenting with genetic engineering.

Two bonus post-credits scenes

During the credits of last year’s blockbuster Eternals, it was revealed that Harry Styles had played a character in the movie, a role that has now been reimagined as part of the MCU. It’s unclear if the role will be permanent, or if Styles will appear in other MCU projects. However, this new cameo has a lot of implications for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Eternals, Harry Styles plays the role of Eros, a character from Titan. Eros is the younger brother of Thanos. He has a unique ability to control emotions. It’s unclear if this is a power he’ll use in the MCU, or if it’s just something that will influence how he develops in the future.

In the early stories, Eros showed little interest in heroism. Eventually, however, he teamed up with the Avengers. His role in the film is unclear, but his presence suggests that the Eternals aren’t going anywhere.

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