Have You Heard about the 6 Phases of Architectural Design?

architecture assignment help
architecture assignment help

Simplistically, architectural design is a field that focuses on covering and satisfying needs and expectations in order to construct living places via the use of specific tools and, most importantly, imagination. Consequently, the objective is to mix the technological with the beautiful, despite the common perception that architecture is solely a technological endeavor. 

According to experts offering Architecture Assignment Help, the architectural design process comprises six phases, each of which plays an integral role in the success of a project. Whether you are a landowner planning a new building, an architect seeking a large commission, or a potential homebuyer, you must have a thorough understanding of the six phases of design. 

So, let’s have a look at the phases of architectural design: 

The programming phase:  

Also termed the pre-design phase, during this period, the architect interacts with the customer to gather information on any existing structures, the plot of land, and the client’s parameters for the future structure. The architect conducts research on local zoning and land-use constraints before preparing a cost estimate. If the parties agree on the project’s parameters and scope, they will come up with a contract. 

The schematic design phase:  

Here, the architectural design team begins to transform the client’s desires into a concept for the building’s design. This can include sketches, drawings, and 3D renderings, as well as early site plans, floor layouts, and building elevations. In addition to HVAC and plumbing, all building systems should be included in the schematic designs. If you face any difficulty in understanding this phase, the best approach will be to consult an assignment help expert. 

The design development phase:  

During the design development phase, the architect’s design intent is translated into a precise plan. If a structural engineer is required for the project, they normally join the team at this stage. The architect also gives the client with exterior and interior finishes that will be applied to the structure’s foundation. Finishes can have a significant impact on the total cost and timeline of a building project. Therefore, this step must be handled with the utmost care. 

The construction documents phase:  

The architect creates two sets of comprehensive drawings detailing every aspect of the final design. The construction set remains on-site throughout the duration of the construction procedure. The architect delivers the permission set to the local permitting authority, such as the city or county. Get in touch with a professional offering architecture assignment help to know more about this aspect. 

The building permit phase:  

The architect must now submit the permission drawings as part of a wider permit application. The city or county examines the submissions for structural soundness and compliance with zoning and building standards. Permitting might be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the construction process, but it safeguards property owners, builders, and architects from hazardous construction blunders. Approval for simple construction projects can be obtained in a matter of days in permissive municipalities. However, permitting can take months if you’re constructing something ambitious. 

The bidding and negotiation phase:  

If no contractor is pre-attached, the customer and architect conduct interviews and obtain competitive bids from contractors. Potential contractors meet with the client and architect to review the construction drawings and discuss building materials and timeframes. To keep their workers active throughout the year, contractors seek shovel-ready projects. If your project is ready to go, you will gain a greater scope of securing a contractor and competitive pricing. 

Assignment help experts can make you decipher the nuances associated with each of the above phases. After reading the above blog, you must have got an idea of the phases associated with architectural design. 

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