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How curling is always in fashion – before with small tiny curls, now using a single hair roller!

We absolutely love unconventional blog themes. Every chick knows and can search thousands of topics on the Internet about types of hairstyles and about “breaking” the styling. That’s why we decided to once again do a quick review of what’s been going on over the years. Children of the 90s know and have seen pictures of their mothers (aunts, grandmothers) with finely curled hair. As it was known then – fine curling. The ladies went to the hairdresser and had their hair very finely curled. Now you will laugh, but even men were in this fashion back then. Everyone remembers Mr. Trifonov’s lush curls. Now fashion is back, however, as always – more innovative. Now everyone curls their hair with a hair roller.

Yes, you read that right – curling is a thing of the past.

Being in the 21st century, we first seek to protect our bodies. We are mindful of our food (organic products), our hair (organic products), and our hair accessories. We are looking for options – to do our hair, but if possible, not to treat it too much. We use different methods (this includes the belt on our robe).

Everyone, including women with curly hair who straighten it and women with straight hair who curl it, desires what they don’t have. Only that hair is no longer harmed by curling. Now it is possible to curl without fixation. And the majority of girls favour it because of how lovely it looks. Why did we know this? Well, the demand for this accessory, also known as a hair roller or hair roller, is increasing. And no, there is an error; it reads roller/roller. It is covered with all of our hair. Additionally, a roller for curling large hair took the place of small curls, which is why they are no longer in style.

How the aforementioned hair roller is a plus for our daily life:

We start with our hairstyle in the evening. – Many of the ladies wrap their hair around the roller and sleep with it so that in the morning they can remove it and go directly to the subway, hurrying to work. There are no hairdressers, everything is done at home.

The winding itself is done very quickly – 5-10 minutes. Naturally, here too, ladies have shared quite a few tricks on the internet, which are available and you can read them. There are also quite a few videos of ladies showing the effect after using a bigudiuri flexibile.

These are cold curling rollers – no heat treatment is needed on our hair. We don’t heat it, we don’t cool it, and we don’t iron it. 

Buying a hair curling set – you get, in addition to a hair roller, a barrette and two curlers to shape the desired hairstyle. Well, yes, you can also use the belt from your bathrobe, but the curls will not be as big and beautiful and the same.

There is a wide choice of colors and materials to suit your personal taste – you can choose between a silk or satin hair roller.

And here you all are expecting some very insightful conclusion, but I think you are already clear about what a hair roller is and how it helps us in our hectic daily life. I also think you already understood that only one hair roller is used without any additional hair treatment. Because we take care of our hair, we protect it, we are proud of it.

If this article has not been enough of a read you can find plenty of content on our website and youtube channel regarding this hair roller.

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