How Long Does It Take To Install A New Furnace And AC? 

Are you planning to install appliances for maintaining a moderate temperature in your home and wondering how long it takes to install a new furnace and AC? 

Getting straight to your answer, installing a furnace will take around five to ten hours. Again, depending upon the size, location, and type of furnace may affect the overall period for installation. When it comes to the AC installation period, the average time is between four to 8 hours. 

Which Type Of Furnace is Best For My Home? 

Two main alternatives are available when selecting a furnace for your residential, i.e., electric or combustion. 

A combustion furnace is a traditional one that burns natural gas to produce heat and warmth in the house, while an electric furnace uses electricity. The electric furnace has been trending and popular due to its low cost. Electric furnaces cost you between 1000 USD to 2600 USD, while combustion furnaces cost around 4000 USD. 

How Long Does it Take to Install HVAC? 

The installation period for HVAC depends upon numerous factors such as the dimension of your house, type of installation, diverse types of units, number of units, any work required before installation, etc. On average, the approximate time is between 3-5 days. 

If you are scrutinizing for the AC installation in Las Vegas, then contacting the professional of Air Tech LLC is what you need. We have a skilled team with the most advanced tools/ devices which will complete your service effectively, on budget, within the period, and without any blunders or shortcuts! 

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