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How to Access the PNB Knowledge Centre

How to Access the PNB Knowledge Centre

PNB Knowledge Centre is one of the most important online portals introduced by Punjab National Bank. It offers a number of benefits to its users and is a popular source for employees to keep track of their performance appraisals and leave entitlements. However, there are a few questions that new PNB employees may have about the login process. If you are one of them, then this article will help you navigate the PNB knowledge center portal.

The PNB knowledge centre is a website and mobile application developed by the bank for its employees. It is a useful tool that provides information on many aspects of the bank, including its history, financial performance, employee promotions, payroll and more. Moreover, it offers a variety of services, including leave management and attendance tracking.

Using the PNB knowledge centre, a user can easily check their pay slips, fuel allowances, and other pertinent personal information. They can also submit their vacation requests and check their performance appraisals.

One of the best things about PNB’s knowledge centre is its ability to streamline the payroll process. This is done by creating a central point of access for payroll. With PNB’s HRMS, all of a user’s job information is accessible, making it easier for a company to manage its employees’ needs. In addition to this, the portal also offers two ways to contact the customer service team.

To use the PNB knowledge centre, users must first visit the official website. Users can either register for an account, or they can change the default password if they are already registered. After registering for an account, they will be prompted to enter a username and password.

PNB’s knowledge centre also has a Forgot Password section, where a user can reset their password. Another way to get started is by downloading the PNB Knowledge Center app on an Android or iOS device. When using the app, you will need to generate an OTP, which will be sent to the user’s registered mobile number. These steps are identical for both devices, and you can use this method to get logged in to the knowledge centre.

Aside from the PNB knowledge center, the bank has also developed several other online portals. Each of these is designed to meet the needs of employees and customers while providing seamless services. You can use the PNB history link on the homepage of the PNB knowledge centre website to find out more about the bank’s history. Additionally, you can search for training materials and other important circulars.

If you are a new PNB employee, then you can ask your employer for login details. In order to gain access to the knowledge centre, you will need to provide your Employee User ID, your user password, and other essential information. Once you have all of these details, you can start logging into the portal. Remember, you can always ask your manager or the branch manager for more detailed instructions, and they can help you with any other issues.

PNB Knowledge Centre

The PNB Knowledge Centre is a web portal provided by the Punjab National Bank. It is a user-friendly system that allows employees of the bank to gain access to a wide range of functions. Among its many features, the PNB Knowledge Center provides information about the salaries of PNB employees. In addition to this, it also helps employees with their leave requests.

To log in to the PNB Knowledge Center, a registered user must provide his or her username and password. Additionally, users must provide their registered mobile numbers. Once these requirements are satisfied, the user will receive an OTP to the mobile number he or she has entered.

As part of its employee training and development, the PNB has made extensive investments in pedagogy and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This has led to the creation of various online portals. These portals include PNB Knowledge Center and the PNB HRMS.

The PNB Knowledge Centre is an important resource for current and former PNB employees. Moreover, it is also an excellent source for learning about the bank’s jargon and industry trends. You can even learn about the various schemes offered by the bank through the portal.

The PNB knowledge centre portal is an easy-to-use payroll system that makes managing the entire process of payroll easy. Users can access their salary statements, view performance appraisals, calculate gasoline allowances, and review deductions. They can also try out the eLearning program.

The PNB Knowledge Centre also provides information on training and attendance management. Through the knowledge center, employees can submit leave requests, request a promotion, or track their attendance.

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