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How to Design Custom Vape Boxes  that Support a Business

Custom Vape Boxes-ICB

It is crucial to know how these designs and paper stock works to design disposable vape boxes with creative design and supporting material. After reading this article, you will be able to design high-quality custom packaging for your vapes. 

We will discuss the construction of a professional design for your packaging. We will also know the key features and selection of paper material and printing material for boxes. But, before we dive into the main topic, it is more important to figure out the best design you need.

Figuring out the Best Design

The first step in creating anything is figuring out its final structure and shape. Similarly, it is equally important to first know your final outcome while planning disposable vape boxes. Meanwhile, it also depends on your needs and your budget set to assemble this kind of packaging for vapes. For this to accomplish, one of the best pieces of advice, in order to get the best design, we can give is to plan a design that perfectly relates to your brand.

All you need is a perfect design and material for a box that relates to your products and represents your brand. The best design protects your vape well and promotes your vape brand everywhere. There is no limit on how many boxes you will assemble, but it is equally important to keep your packaging constant. Although, you can adapt to new tech, but it is not a good idea to change the look at 360°. 

Construct a Professional Design for Your Packaging

The beauty of custom packaging with logo is to get the most relatable packaging. To get a good design, you need to select a color, logo, slogan, or any other related data that will narrate your product. A combination of all these essentials with the help of innovative printing technologies helps you design a perfect outlook for your boxes. But, it is imperative to understand which printing technology you choose for your boxes.

  • Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and debossing are two different ways of printing your packages. Both have their own pros and characteristics that you can choose depending on the type of paper material you choose. Embossing is the process of printing a box in such a way that it feels inside the surface of the paper. On the other hand, debossing feels the apparent and out surfaced printing of the boxes.

So, it depends on your personal interest whether your choose debossing or the former.

  • Lamination

A thin layer of lamination is often used simply as a protective layer on the packaging. But, there is no doubt that this layer is also the best finishing to give an elegant look to the packaging. So, if you use it for your vape packaging boxes wholesale, it will make it charming and attractive for its users.

You can use gloss lamination or matte lamination for your vape boxes. Gloss lamination gives a shiny look with a smooth surface to make your packaging look more professional. In addition, the lamination of these boxes is of different types.

Selection of the Best Paper Material for vape Cases

Kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and bux are some of the most useful paper materials to assemble packaging. Similarly, these papers can also be used for manufacturing vape cases. These materials help in forming various designs for these boxes. Secondly, printing also varies on these paper materials – for instance, printing is more used on cardboard as compared to kraft paper.

Now, it depends on your personal priority regarding which kind of custom vape boxes you are looking for. But, the good news is that you can easily manufacture all these boxes without any extra charges or work. In custom packaging, you get a chance to use any paper material for your packaging. Such a selection of paper material helps you get personalized boxes like custom rigid vape boxes, kraft vape boxes, or cardboard boxes.

Characteristics of disposable vape boxes

  • Custom packaging provides you an opportunity to assemble the boxes to your own demands and needs. 
  • This kind of packaging also helps you design disposable boxes that you can easily dispose of after use.
  • These are affordable packaging solutions because you get a chance to pick your personalized paper materials and designs.
  • These kinds of packaging allow you to pack your products well and promote your business simultaneously.


The packaging of vapes requires relevant packaging that promotes its identity. Meanwhile, it is also important that custom vape boxes should also provide safety to vapes. For this to achieve, a professional design is required that can be designed with the help of high quality paper material and innovative printing technologies. You can choose and use any kind of paper material in custom packaging and get any structure for your boxes. Similarly, you also choose your colors and graphics, which are perfect for selected paper material and boxes.

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