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How to Draw Cartoon Stars

Cartoon Stars Drawing

How to Draw Cartoon Stars. If you gaze up at the night sky and are lucky enough to have a clear evening, you will see a vast tapestry of twinkling stars overhead.

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The stars have been a source of wonder, navigation, and stories for as long as humans have existed, and many people enjoy creating works of art with these incredible celestial bodies.

We’ll look at a lighter-hearted side of stars when we start this guide on drawing cartoon stars!

This image that we are going to create is cute and charming, and with the help of these steps, we will show you how easy it can be to draw this trio of stars to Draw Cartoon Stars.

How to Draw Cartoon Stars

Step 1

For this cartoon star design, we will draw three stars placed close to each other.

The stars are identical, but we’ll take this first star a little slower so you can see how to draw the outlines quickly.

Each star has 5 points; in this step, we will focus on the first three. Each tip will be pretty pointed, but it will also be relatively rounded and curved.

Start drawing the lace on the left side and then fold it up. You can remove the beginning of the arm on the right, but we’ll finish it in the next step to Draw Cartoon Stars.

Step 2

You started with the first star earlier, and in this second step of our cartoon star drawing guide, we’ll draw the rest of the outline.

First, finish the right arm you just started in the previous step.

This then turns into the bottom two points of the star. These bottom stitches look very similar to the top stitches in that they are thick and curved.

Eventually, they connect to the very first clue on the left, and thus your first-star outline is complete!

Before we add some fun details to this star, let’s focus on adding some star friends for this star in the next few steps to Draw Cartoon Stars!

Step 3

This third step of the guide focuses on adding a second star to accompany the first.

This one goes under the first on the right and is the same shape as the first.

You’ll notice it’s at a slightly different angle, but you could still work through the first two steps to draw this second one.

That’s all for now, and then we can move on to the star’s final outline in the tutorial’s next step to Draw Cartoon Stars!

Step 4

Now you can add the final star outline to your cartoon star drawing before adding fun face details!

Located in the lower left of the design, this star is a mirror image of the lead in the lower right.

This is another star where you can repeat the first two steps of the guide, adjusting it to the star’s angle.

With this final design in place, we can add some fun final touches to Draw Cartoon Stars in step five.

Step 5

These don’t just star that we’re going to create in this cartoon star drawing guide because we’re going to add some fun facial details in this fifth step.

Draw Cartoon Stars

Each star will have a face, and each facial expression will be slightly different.

The top one has perfectly round black eyes with small white circles inside. The mouth is a simple curved line with two rounded cheeks at each corner.

Hence the bottom right star has a similar face with slightly smaller eyes to Draw Cartoon Stars.

Finally, the remaining star has two curved lines for its closed eyes, and a tongue comes out of its mouth.

Once you’ve drawn those final details, you can add some of your own! You could make other variations of stars or make a fun background for some ideas.

Step 6

You’ve reached the last step of the tutorial, and now it’s time to have fun with colors!

Cartoon Stars Drawing

In our sample image, we have shown you one of the ways you can colorize this adorable design.

We used bright yellows for most stars and darker shades for the lower parts.

These darker sections help shade the stars and make them look even better!

Choose similar colors for your design, but don’t be afraid to change the colors you use to create a unique look for your composition.

Your Cartoon Stars Drawing is Finished!

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