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How to Get Sponsors For Your Next Online Event?

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We all know what a crucial role sponsorship plays in the planning and execution of an online event. Sponsorships not only help brands gain monetary benefits, but they are also a great way to gain the targeted audience’s trust. Also, when it comes to sponsorships, we all know that finding brands to sponsor at physical events is not difficult. However, this becomes more difficult in the case of virtual events. It is simply because the sponsoring brands feel they won’t get enough exposure, and everything starts questioning the capabilities and efficiency of virtual event organizers. 

But, with this blog, we want you to know that targeting brands for virtual sponsorships is as simple and efficient as doing it for physical events. 

How? We will tell you. In this blog, we will help you know how to reach out to your target sponsors. And for the potential sponsoring brands, this blog will help you understand why investing in a virtual event is equally profitable. 

What is the meaning of sponsorship? 

One can define sponsorship as the mutual agreement between external brands known as sponsors and online event organizers. When we talk about sponsorship, the sponsoring brands invest in the event in the form of revenue or funding. In return, they seek exposure and brand growth at the event. Sponsorship is the source of revenue for as many as 23% of event planners. 

When it comes to sponsorship types, the following are the most common: 

  • Financial Sponsorship
  • In-kind sponsorship
  • Media sponsorship
  • Promotional sponsorship 

Speaking of the advantages of sponsorship, here are some pointers to take note of: 

1.Better Revenue

When you partner with a brand for your online event, you get to generate more revenue. Another idea is to keep the ticket prices low and competitive. It will help you target more of your target audience and generate more revenue for the online event. 

2.More Brand Exposure

The next advantage of choosing sponsorship is that it will increase brand exposure. Choosing a high-end brand as your sponsor will help you increase your brand’s exposure, and eventually more people will end up registering for the event. Not only this, but it will help you generate more leads and more registrants. 

3.More Credibility

With more prominent brands sponsoring your event, it gets easier for the audience to trust your brand. A well-established brand will help you increase your authenticity in the market as well as among the audience. 

4. Better Experience

The next and most prominent advantage of getting sponsors for your brand is that it will help you pay your financial bills. It will enable you to deliver an extraordinary experience to your audience. 

What are the branding opportunities you can offer your sponsors? 

When we talk about targeting sponsors for your brands, one will only invest in your brand if it offers ample opportunities for exposure. Any brand that is going to invest in your brand will only look for brighter prospects and wonderful exposure opportunities. To ensure that you get enough brands as your sponsors, you need to provide them with enough opportunities that will promote their brand. 

1.One-On-One Meeting Scheduler

To ensure that the brands investing in your event find ample opportunities to connect with their prospect leads, you should offer them enough networking opportunities. You can go with a suitable online event platform that comes with efficient networking tools and features. Look for a platform that offers one-on-one networking tools, which will enable the sponsoring brands to connect with their leads. One advantage of using one-on-one networking tools is that it will enable the attendees to connect with the sponsors directly. Also, with these tools, the attendees will get to schedule meetings with the sponsoring brands, expanding their reach. 

2. Virtual Booths

The next way to help your sponsors boost their brand awareness is by setting up their virtual booths. Also, with virtual booths, the organizers can help sponsors set up several networking and engagement opportunities for their attendees. Apart from that, to ensure maximum reach, the sponsors can utilize engagement tools such as Q&A sessions, live polls, live surveys, and so much more. It will help the attendees solve their queries from the sponsors, and they will also get to know more about the brand, helping the sponsors maximize their reach. 

3. Interaction Opportunities

The next branding opportunity you can provide for your sponsors is networking opportunities in which the brands interact with the audience. You can schedule a few sessions where the sponsors will tell the audience about their brand. Not only this, but here, the sponsors will solve the queries of the attendees and thereby boost their brand growth directly in front of the audience. Webinars or a presentation session will work best in this case, and you can leave a few spots at your event for the same. 

4.Landing Page Feature

The next and probably most impactful idea to ensure that your sponsors get maximum exposure is to give them a space on your landing page. There is no doubt that your landing page will get the most public attention. Your attendees will frequently visit the landing page, and having your sponsors’ logos placed on the page will give them exposure. Seeing a third-party logo will generate a sense of curiosity among the attendees, and they will want to know more about the brand. It will enable the sponsoring brands to generate more leads and get more traffic on their website. Also, you can place the logos of the brands as per the kind of sponsorship they have opted for. 

As you might have realized by now, targeting brands for sponsorship is not challenging. All it requires is a set of proper skills and strategy. Having these in your pocket will help you get more results in less time and with less brainstorming. Also, while you are targeting brands for sponsorship, make sure that you provide them with enough opportunities to expose their brand efficiently. Ensure that the brands you are targeting are open to opportunities, and you are ready with exposure opportunities for them. 

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