How To Verify A Property In A Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad has become a well-known brand in the Islamabad region. The project, which was proudly initiated by Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd., has already been sold out and is in the development stage. The development is moving at a breakneck pace, and the project will soon be available to investors. 

With all of its perfect amenities and highest level of luxury, it also provides smooth and flawless booking and purchasing procedures. However, nothing is out of its scope when it comes to booking, opening a file, or verifying a property. 

If you have been looking for ways to verify properties in smart cities, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post explains how to verify a property in a smart city. 


To verify the property, the owner needs to submit the application along with the required documents to the Customer Support Center. The Customer Support Center will issue the verification certificate to the owner or the authority holders after varying the documents. The certificate will be issued on the given date by the Customer Support Center. The application contains the information of the owner and the authority holder, as well as detailed information such as plot numbers, size, and street number, among other things.

The property verification process usually takes 2-3 working days, but it may take longer depending on working days or holidays. There is no need to be concerned if you have not received a response from them because you will receive a confirmation call once the procedure has been completed. 


The importance of the documents can be ignored or denied. As a result, before submitting an application for property verification, ensure that you have all of the required documents. Before applying for the process, gather all of the necessary documents and breathe a sigh of relief. Furthermore, it will save you time and money by avoiding cancellation because incomplete applications are rejected immediately by the customer support center. As a result, to avoid cancellation and save valuable time, ensure that you have all of the necessary documents with you. To verify the property in the smart city, the following documents are required:

  • Copies Of Allocations
  • Membership Letters
  • Allocation Certificates
  • Allocation Letters
  • Transfer Letters
  • A Copy Of The Computerized National Identity Card
  • Copy Of Authority Holder’s Computerized National Identity Card (If Authorized By Owner)
  • Originally Paid Verification Fee Slips
  • A Copy Of The Property Dealer’s Registration Card (If You Applied Through The Property Dealer)

Bottom Line:

I hope this blog post serves as a guide for verifying properties in smart cities. If you have any further questions about Capital Smart City or Lahore Smart City, please contact us. 

We are The Masters Real Estate & Builders, the region’s leading real estate services provider since 1976. Furthermore, we are also the Platinum Sales Partner of the Capital Smart City and the Lahore Smart City. So, if you want to buy, sell, or need help opening a file, merging, transferring, or verifying, we are here to help. Call us right now; our customer service team is always willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs. 

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