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HTML for websites

The basic point of Hyper Text Markup Language is to allow websites to be able to do things like show the Header in the page like this  

Header is HTML in action

That allows words to appear bigger that is one of the most common HTML we see in action all the time ranging from H1 to H6 allowing font to go from biggest size to the smaller in the H1 sesnese which are important parts of allowing things appear right for telling website visitors what is the most important content some of the time.

Divs allow information to be put into different parts to allow functions like content or tables or  charts or other things to appear right for the user when they visit a website or search engines like Yandex to be able to understand what is going on data wise by what  is displayed in this coding language   .

The main purpose of this language is allow websites to work for the website user user or website designer to allow anything to run from a simple blog to impressive videogame to run from a browser .

Coding of this can be done on simple Notepadd++ on windows where you type out the code this can allow simple or complex websites be coded using this or dreamweaver if you want a more user-friendly feature to happen for work.

Dreamweaver we get to see what the user gets which at the time which was something from a HTML viewpoint did ever happen really before this fdor why it became such a popular software to create websites before it was in the end deleted by windows doing there user to destroy website creation systems as a whole.

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