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Instagram Icons
Instagram icons

We are so used to the ombre colored icon of Instagram that hardly anyone remembers that this is not the first logo that Instagram has. This logo was a modification or a totally different version of the original logo that Instagram had. 

Well, it is not your fault that you don’t remember the original logo, hardly anyone does, but we are here today to talk about a few facts about the Instagram icons past and present. So if you are up for it, continue on to scroll down. 

Facts About The Instagram Icons 

So here are the facts about the change Instagram icon that you might not know about. Did you know that there are apps called Instagram Story Viewer and Instagram video downloader to download and view stories and videos on Instagram? 

1. You Might Not Remember The Original Icon

Who doesn’t know the current Instagram icons, the color purple, orange, and yellow logo is quite popular but did you know this was not the first logo of Instagram? 

The original icon of Instagram looked much more like a polaroid camera, with a classic rainbow strip down the middle. The iconic logo was designed by Cole Rise, who was hired by CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom. 

2. The Classic Logo Is Not The Original One

Fun fact, even the iconic icon is not the original icon of Instagram. Along with the icon of Instagram, he also designed the logos of Hyperlapse, Layout, and Boomerang. 

Cole Rise became so influential that the in-app filter of Instagram Rise was named after him. He was initially hired due to his design of the Uooo icon. He then reworked that design to create the first original icon for Instagram.

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3. The Classic Logo Had A Backside

Did you know the classic icon of Instagram had a backside? Although it was just a joke as no one will ever get to see the back side of the icon of the app while using it. Cole said they made it just for fun, and they went really geeky over it. 

4. Everything Changed In 2016

Instagram was reborn in 2016 when the new icon that you see now was launched. The whole world was surprised as not only did the icon get a makeover, but the whole interface of the app got a facelift. 

Instagram said that they removed the blue interface to Black & white so as to highlight the pictures and videos. 

Changing a brand’s logo means a total rebranding of the brand itself, so it definitely took some time, 9 months to be exact, to make this baby be born. 

The design team of the app, which was headed by Ian Spalter, took their time to create the perfect logo for the brand in this new age of vibrancy and diversity. 

After the new logo was launched, for all that 9 months of hard work, it took 9 minutes for the users to flood them with negative comments. 

Initially, the new logo of the brand was highly criticized and disliked. Thousand of angry and passionate responses to the new icon started to flow in. Calling the new icon stupid, gross, and unnecessary were a few of the colorful words that were used. 

Although not everyone criticized everything, the new interface was very much appreciated and well-received by the audience. But there was someone else who loved the new icon. 

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7. Who Loved It? 

Out of all the negative, bitter comments and reactions towards the new icon on Instagram, the one person who loved the new icon was the creator of the original icon himself, Cole Rise. He was a big fan of the new icon on Instagram. 

After he shared his excitement and positive comments about the new icon, a lot of the overall perception of the icon changed, and people became more accepting. 

Wrapping Up!

Social media apps like Instagram have had a lot of similar fun facts surrounding them since the day it was launched. To know a few similar facts about other social media apps, stay tuned. 

The Instagram icon is one of the most recognizable logos of a brand in the world, so fun facts surrounding it are inevitable. 

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