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last minute urlaub

There may be a way for you and your family to find a great deal on an all inclusive last minute Mexico vacation. How? Through a Palace Resort timeshare VIP member. The Palace Resorts timeshare VIP members typically buy several hundred discounted weeks that they are happy to be able to give away to their family and close friends. They occasionally  Last Minute Pauschalreise  offer the use of their VIP membership weeks for a low cost to others who don’t want to incur the expense of buying a timeshare, but who do want the benefits and the savings.

VIP memberships

Selling the use of their VIP memberships helps them to pay down the balances that they owe and still provide you with an average savings of $700 per week on the room and board alone for your all inclusive last minute Mexico vacation. As a guest of a VIP member, your all inclusive dream Cancun resort vacation becomes even more wonderful. You get to travel to any of the five star Palace Resorts at a great weekly discount, oftentimes saving almost $100 per night off of the rates. In addition, you get to have express check in, priority in room assignments (and thus more ocean front/view rooms), and, if the VIP member still has one available, you have the option to choose to use a Presidential suite one time per year. This is a fantastic benefit as the Presidential suites during high season often rent for over $10,000 per week! Many rent for as high as $18,000 per week in the Cancun resort area.

Also, if the VIP member still has a week available and has purchased an upgrade package, you may get to choose an all inclusive last minute Mexico vacation at the very highly rated LeBlanc Resort in Cancun Mexico one time per year. Many say that a week at the LeBlanc has been their ultimate dream Cancun resort vacation.

Extra Benefit

Another wonderful extra benefit of traveling as a guest of a VIP member is the fact that you also get one free manicure, one free pedicure, and one free massage per adult and some of Cancun’s best selected unlimited tours. Transportation to and from the Cancun airport is also included as part of the VIP package. These savings are not even factored into the $700 per week savings you are already getting alone on the room and board.

Why would a VIP Palace Resorts member be able to get you an all inclusive last minute Mexico vacation? Palace Resorts sets aside blocks of rooms for different purposes. They may have rooms set aside for their timeshare exchange companies like RCI, or for last minute walk-ins, or for timeshare owners who have fixed week timeshares. In addition, they have set aside a certain block of rooms for those who are VIP timeshare members to use. If they have not used all of the rooms in this block, the VIP members can book as many individuals as they want fo Urlaub buchen  as many weeks as are available. This is a great deal for you when you are looking to travel on an all inclusive last minute Mexico vacation

If you are seeking an all inclusive last minute Mexico vacation, hurry to find out more. You won’t be disappointed! Regardless of which all inclusive package you choose, visiting Cancun Mexico and any of the Palace Resort properties or others will provide you with the ultimate dream Cancun resort vacation. For more information and to see if you can get a last minute Mexico vacation, visit Cancun Resorts by clicking on travel.

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