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Kuari Pass trek Itinerary


One of the best winter treks that our country offers are the Kuari Pass hike that is situated in the Garhwal region within the Himalayas. It is often referred to by the Lord Curzon path , and is situated at an altitude at 12,516 feet. It was originally constructed during 1905 under the previous viceroy of India during the British Raj, Lord Curzon. One of the reasons that this popular route is loved by many from all around the world, both Americans and Europeans is due to his connection to the route.


It is believed that the Kuari Pass trek, as it was practiced in the past and still being done today, starts at Joshimath and ends with Kuari Pass. It’s a 28-kilometer trek which includes gentle hills, coniferous forests as well as breathtaking views of the mountains covered in snow in the far distance.

We visit some remote towns in Kuari Pass. Kuari Pass Trek, including Tugasi, Guling, and Khullara in order to gain a deeper understanding of the local customs and traditions of Uttarakhand.

The attention of those who love travel is drawn to this particular walk due to breathtaking views that are part of the Pangarchulla, Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Hathi Ghoda and Nilgiri mountain ranges that are found along the hiking trail. In addition, it leaves a lasting impression on both snow-lovers as well as environmentalists thanks to the snow-covered oak forests and beautiful meadows.

Kuari Pass trip journey

Kuari Pass is a beautiful trail. Kuari Pass journey starts at the city of Joshimath which is the trailhead. The path then takes you through Himalayan villages with deodar and oak forests, as well as beautiful bugyals meadows, or meadows that stretch out across the trail as an intricate tapestry. The most memorable part of this trek is the breathtaking views of the Nanda Devi Massif in the far distance.

The Kuari Pass journey is much more than an adventure. It’s an unforgettable experience is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Imagine sleeping in the night under the stars and awakening to an incredible view of the Himalayas as you create memories you’ll cherish throughout your life.

The Kuari Pass excursion is suitable for both beginners and experts since it falls in the category of moderate to easy which means it is accessible to a significant number of winter hiking options.

A few lucky hikers can spot Himalayan bear or snow leopard footprints as well as other treasures that this trek provides, giving visitors a glimpse of the wildlife that lives peacefully with the natural world. In the end, the hike up to Kuari Pass is a godsend because it provides a well-balanced experience that is appealing to those who want adventure and those looking for peace.

The months from November to March are perfect for this Kuari Pass Trek. The climate in the area is perfect during the months of November through March, which makes the overall experience by a thousand times more than that, and this despite the fact it’s one of the few trails that are open to travellers throughout the year. If you’ve been contemplating and trying to organize the perfect winter getaway then look no further as this is the most enjoyable available.



Day 1

Reach Joshimath (6696 ft)


Day 2

Joshimath from Dhak Village via vehicle and an eight-kilometer hike lasting seven hours towards Tali Forest Camp (11,031 feet)


Day 3

Kuari Pass to Tali Forest Camp and back. (12,516 up to 10,031 feet) in just 12 km (7 hours)


Day 4

through Gorson bugyal through Gorson bugyal Tali Forest Camp to Auli. (11,031 up to 10,031) feet. Take a trip to Joshimath via automobile. 10 km/ 7 hours


Day 5

Then, leave Joshimath


Doorway is the name that Kuari pass means. Lord Curzon was a frequent traveler on the route and it is also known by Curzon Trail. Curzon Trail. The pass is situated at an altitude at 3876m. The trail passes through stunning woodlands of oak, rhododendron and deodar covered in snow. This Kuari Pass trip is a breathtaking and extremely diverse hike. Along this path, you can stroll through an amazing assortment of trees. There are many woods and pastures. Kamet, Dronagiri, Trishul, Bertholi, Hathi Ghodi Parvat, Mana, and Neelkanth are only some of the stunning peaks.Both experienced and novice hikers can take Kuari Pass. Kuari Pass trek. The terrain of the trek isn’t too difficult beginner hikers can master everything you need to learn about trekking and also experience the Himalayas. The Kuari Pass hike is the ideal way to replenish for experienced trekkers. Because of the snow-covered trail from December to March, it is the best time to go hiking Kuari Pass. Kuari Pass. Keep checking this page for more information, including a map of the route as well as an itinerary, reviews, temperature chart of photographs and videos to accompany this Kuari Pass pass trip. For blog posts on the Kuari Pass hike, keep reading.

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