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Limo Rental in the United Kingdom

Be it a business trip or the senior prom, one requires a limousine for various purposes. In the United Kingdom, there are several companies who provide us with Limo rental facilities. However, one must go over all the finer details and particulars before they rent a Limo. An interesting fact is that Limo rental costs are one of the cheapest in the UK.

So where does one start, looking from? The internet is the obvious answer as the companies which provide such facilities are the easiest to find on the internet are readily available on the leading search engines and one can book their requirements on their websites.

Companies like What Limo UK,

There are companies like What London limo hire UK, and Limo Broker UK which provide with rental facilities for users at nominal charges. As said earlier, the bookings are done on the internet. There are several varieties of Limousines which are available on rent all over the United Kingdom. In general, the users in the UK predominantly order Limo rentals for purposes like weddings, school prom, corporate travel and certain red carpet events. Chauffeurs are supplied along with the vehicles which are sent to the customers. These chauffeurs which are sent, are specially trained to provide the passengers which the prime level of luxury which is demanded by the customers. Rental prices are actually pretty reasonable in the United Kingdom and England especially as compared to the rest of Europe. The most popular regions in terms of bookings which are made in England are in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. If you are in Cardiff, you can still avail of the rental services without any problems.

The Limo models which are available for rent are, The Ford Excursion Jeep, The Porsche Cayenne, several Hummer models are very popular among the younger buyers. You can also get the Audi Q7 limo and most notably, you can also get the Rolls Royce Phantom for rent from certain corporations.

However, we should keep in mind to make your bookings as early as a month before the event for which they are required as bookings dates are London limos hire difficult to secure.

Limo Hire in London – The Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne Limousines

In no other area of the UK has limo hire proved more popular than London. With London limo hire, there are a vast array of limousines available to hire and sometimes choosing the right limousine to suit your taste and occasion can be tricky London limo hire. Below are two of our more unique limousines available to rent.

The Range Rover Sports limousine

The Range Rover limo hire in London is one of the newest limo hire designs and models to hit the streets of London. The Range Rover limo is an extremely popular choice in London as it holds up to 14 passengers. The vehicle consists of mirrored ceilings, laser lights, disco lights, LCD lighting it also has plasma TVs with built in DVDs. There is even an amazing bar inside filled with soft drinks and bubbly. It is the first of its kind and has a full Range Rover body kit with 22′ Vogue alloy wheels.

Ideal for taking a trip around London and doing some sightseeing or even for a bar crawl or shopping trip. You can hire this new Range Rover limousine from anywhere in London.

If you want style then look no further than Range Rover limo hire in London, You will be amazed with its sleek look and comfort.

The Porsche Cayenne limo

Porsche cayenne limo hire in London has all you need for the perfect day or night. The Porsche Cayenne limo in London consists of on board flat screen TV’s which are positioned all round the cabin, LCD lighting, Disco lighting, laser lighting and a lovely bar which holds bubbly and soft drinks.

Why not use a Porsche Cayenne limousine for your London limo hire as we cater for all types of occasions such as birthday limo hire, stag nights, hen parties, weddings, school proms, anniversaries and even shopping trips!

The Porsche Cayenne limo typically comes in three colors which are black, grey and white and holds up to 12 passengers.

What better way to impress your friends, family, London limos hire colleagues or guests than when your chauffeur arrives in the Porsche Cayenne, opens the door for you and reveals an interior filled with luxury. The vehicles come fully equipped with a plush leather interior, climate control, privacy partition and surround sound stereo system. For your safety and comfort, passenger seatbelts are fitted throughout.

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