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Lisbon – Brief Tourists’ Guide

Lissabon Reiseführer

Traveling has been a favorite hobby and pastime of many people around the world since ages. There are so many travelers out there who have made contributions to the mainstream literature by contributing their stories of the travels and tourist activities – – they have written bulky books to guide other travelers and people interested in learning about different places. Some people have even made traveling a full fledged profession, they make money from it and they are living a happier life than many of those people who are working in the offices. This has mainly happened due to the presence of strong media. With some very popular traveling TV channels, many travelers have become known throughout the world. In this article, I have chosen to write on one popular traveling destination so that if anyone of you is Lissabon Reiseführer planning a visit to this place, you should learn few things about it.

One of the best destinations that remain the center of attraction for many travelers and tourists include Lisbon – Portugal. Lisbon is a wonderful place with dual faces. One part of the city is completely modern and encompasses international chains of restaurants, food outlets, shops, cafes, markets and branded stores, theaters, cinemas, and parks, while the other part of the city reflects the historical architecture and old civilization with its ancient buildings, old houses and old streets. One finds himself completely lost in the two opposite sides of the life at this part of the planet.

Following are some of the world famous tourists’ spots in Lisbon that you should never miss to visit:

  • Museums and art galleries:
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
  • National Museum of Contemporary Art
  • National Coach Museum
  • Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Carmo Archaeological Museum

Shopping Malls:

  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Centro Commercial Colombo
  • Campo de Santa Clara


  • St. George’s Castle
  • Alfama and Mouraria
  • Tagus River, Belém
  • Torre de Belem

If you wish to enjoy the dual faces of this wonderful heaven on earth and if you think that your tight budget would not allow you to do that, I have something to share. You can easily buy Lisbon cheap flight tickets from absolutely anywhere in the world. Just browse through the reliable sites on the internet and buy the tickets with just a click. Your chance of visiting this place is here,  Lissabon Reiseführer so do not miss it since these traveling costs are quite affordable.

Travel Guide to Portugal

Looking to visit a European country and can’t decide which one? Follow our quick guide to Portugal, and what makes holidays in Portugal so popular to tourists around the world.

A long time ago, Portugal was at the forefront of exploring the world. They have never achieved success in enticing visitors to its own shores until lately Beyond the outskirts of Lisbon, the Madeira Island, the Algarve the nation of Portugal was pretty much unknown and unseen Lissabon Reiseführer by tourists for many years.

In the past, Portugal has been a hidden gem, overlooked by world travelers. Included the many offerings are lovely beaches, artistic finds, array of food choices, a distinct architecture to admire, temperate and warm weather, unique handicrafts, affordable hotels and friendly and very generous people.

There are more than 22 million that are attracted to Portugal every year. Despite its diminutive size of 225 kilometres width and 612 kilometres of length. One of the most satisfying places in Europe to travel is Portugal. We usually recon that visiting its rural places, and towns, will take a lot longer than expected, as there are so many lovely areas to visit and an abundance of rich culture and traditions to discover.

The people of this extraordinary land are known for their warmth. You will see almond trees growing in the Algarve, cork trees and wheat in Alentejo, and different beautiful, rustic scenery in other regions of the country.

Lisbon Adventure – Things to Do & See in Lisbon

While many of you may have experienced the Portugal of package holidays and summer sun, if you delve into the country’s capital there´s a whole other travel experience to be had. Although Lisbon is ideal for a weekend break with a plethora of great restaurants, bars and nightlife to choose from, the sheer number of extracurricular activities here makes it worth a longer stay.

For those flying out from the UK, cheap flights to Lisbon Portela Airport are available through easyJet, bmi baby, TAP and British Airways. Organise a Lisbon Airport Lissabon Reiseführer car hire as well and you can truly experience everything this great city has to offer.

From the classic to the contemporary, Lisbon is stacked full museums, the most notable of which is the Museo Calouste Glubenkian. This massive complex not only boasts collections of Egyptian, Iznik and Renaissance artifacts and paintings by the old masters, but two concert halls for ballet and music performances. Other museums give you a flavour of Portugal´s rich past. Explore its naval history through the Museo da Marinha, its many folklore and customs via the Museu de Arte Popular and get a glimpse of how the Portugeese once lived at the Museu de Artes Decorativas.

One of the most popular attractions is, bizarrely, the Museu Nacional dos Coches and features one of the world´s most impressive collections of 17th to 19th century carriages. More modern fare is available at the Centro de Art Moderna and the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which was opened in 2007 in the Belem district and features art work from Warhol, Magritte, Bacon, Jackson Pollack and Picasso.

If you have a particular interest in the architecture of different cultures then Lisbon is virtually bursting at the seams with wonderous buildings and Renaissance palaces. The spectacular Monastery of Jeronimos, which was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, was founded in the 1500s and has been the royal burial ground for over four centuries. For views to blow your mind though, the 5th century Castelo de Sao Jorge can´t be beaten. Situated in the Alfama district it affords the best vistas over the city and the River Tejo…..that is if you can muster up the stamina to walk to the top of its battlements. A less taxing way to take in the city is the Elevador de Santa Justa, which is a 45 metre tall, iron lift built in 1902 and situated in the centre.

For those with kids or for the young at heart, the Oceanario is an absolute must. Compared to UK tourist attractions the tickets are very reasonable, under 5 euros for children and 9 euros for adults, and as the biggest aquarium in Europe it´s definitely worth the entry fee. There are over 450 distinct species of animals to be found here included shark, tuna, sea otters and penguins and guided tours are offered.

In the evening, there is nightlife galore to keep you entertained and well nourished, but if you really want to experience a small slice of Portugeese heaven then take a trip to the Solar do Vinho do Porto……that´s Port Wine House to you and me. Decadently located in an 18th century palace, you can experience this fortified wine not only in its country of origin but in a truly fitting setting, surrounded by hundred of different varieties of the warm, rich nectar. No trip to Lisbon would be complete however without listening to a performance of the soul-rendering Fado music which is unique to the region. Singers express the woes and losses of this sea-faring community through the accompaniment of melancholy guitar playing. Despite being downbeat music, its beauty outweighs any negativity and listeners come away more Lissabon Reiseführer with a sense of awe then any desire for self-harm.

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