Moovila Vs Bigtime – A Hot Debate to Pick One in 2022

Before deciding on which of the two to use, it is crucial to consider the software requirements of your business. You should consult with your colleagues for advice. Your requirements must be met by the software you select. Bigtime and Moovila both offer user-centric project management systems. They both have a high number of verified clients who leave positive reviews and feedback.


When deciding between Moovila and Bigtime software, one key factor to consider is the level of customer support. Both companies offer support chat during regular business hours, and both companies provide onsite support. Both also offer training videos, webinars, and knowledge bases that include information about common tasks and questions.

The Moovila software is a user-centric project management system that was launched by the parent company back in 2012. It has won over thousands of customers and generated millions of dollars in revenue. Its customer-centric approach and numerous features boost project management capacity. Moovila is also versatile and offers a free demo, which is an invaluable tool for prospective users.

Moovila’s software features are continually updated, and it focuses on quality rather than quantity. Some of its limitations include limited reporting options, and customization of fields, colors, and date formats, which make it less flexible for some organizations. Nonetheless, it offers solid project management for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bigtime software

BigTime software is a cloud-based project management and cost management system that helps professional services firms track billable hours, time in progress, and project milestones. Founded by Brian Sanders, BigTime is an industry leader in time and billing solutions for the professional services industry. Its user-friendly interface makes tracking employee time simple and fast.

As a project management software, bigtime offers a variety of flexible pricing options. The BQE Core plan is flexible and affordable for small businesses, while the PQE Core is more tailored for enterprises. Both products offer flexible payment plans, so users can determine what the best price is for their specific needs.

As far as pricing is concerned, BigTime software starts at $10 per month and is compatible with a variety of business models. Users can choose from one-time payments and flexible payment plans, including ongoing maintenance and support. BigTime also has mobile access and time tracking features.

Features of Moovila Software

Moovila is a project management tool that uses path-finding technology to optimize your project roadmap. It includes the traditional Gantt chart and a new tool called Critical Path Engine that shows all possible paths through your project and highlights bottlenecks along the way. This way, you can keep track of your project in a more efficient manner.

The software is easy to use and designed for English-speaking users. It features a variety of features for improving project management efficiency, including an intuitive user interface and RPAI (Robotic Project Assessment Index). RPAI scores potential errors and risks, and it also helps identify timeline bottlenecks. Its other features include a visualization tool and a project debugger.

Features of Bigtime Software

BigTime software provides a wide range of useful features for project managers. Its analytics feature helps track project costs and progress, giving managers the tools to optimize resources and improve efficiency. In addition, it also helps project managers manage billable hours and track client budgets. These features can help project managers manage their projects more efficiently and provide a realistic timeline.

BigTime software also offers flexible billing features that allow you to create invoices and bills that reflect your business’s rates. Depending on the scope of a project, BigTime can help you determine whether to bill hourly or by task. It also allows you to customize the timesheet view. BigTime also supports multiple payment methods, so you can set up billing based on your preferences.


Moovila and Bigtime software are two well-known project management systems that are trusted by many clients. Both are exceptional in their specific domains and excel at many aspects of project management. However, each software has its own strengths and weaknesses, and a decision should be made based on your company’s needs and goals.

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