How to vote Anushka Shrestha Miss Nepal 2019

How to vote Anushka Shrestha – Miss World 2019

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Anushka Shrestha to represent Nepal at 69th Miss World Final

Anushka Shrestha was topped Miss World Nepal 2019 at the grand final broadcast survive NTV and NTV and.

Reigning Miss World Nepal, Shrinkhala Khatiwada was on stage to crown the 23-year previous commerce graduate, UN agency hails from the capital town. Anushka goes to own powerful footsteps to follow as Shrinkhala finished within the high twelve at the 2018 Miss World Final in China together with her ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ project and ‘Multimedia’ video securing 1st place in eachway events.

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In response to a matter from the panel of judges: “If we tend to paid a lot of attention to the responsibilities than rights, would we tend to create the planet better?”

Anushka replied: “Rights and responsibilities area unit the 2 sides of an equivalent coin. the planet would mechanically prove to be stunning if we tend to fulfill our responsibilities.”

The highly-anticipated Miss World final show are going to be broadcast globally to over a hundred and fifty countries, wherever international fans will watch powerful Miss World.

Let’s Vote Anushka Shrestha

Click to button down below, you will redirect to Miss World official page link.

After opened this page scroll down and find Anushka’s profile.
1. Sign in or Sign Up (Email, Google, Facebook, Instagram)
2. Find her profile
3. Click to vote

How to vote Anushka Shrestha Miss World 2019

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