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Elektronische Schlösser Berlin

The safety of your family is your top priority. The fact remains; We live in a dangerous world. Bad things happen. No one is truly safe, but we can do our best to stay relatively safe in an uncertain world. Part of keeping you and your family safe from harm is investing in a home alarm system. That means you should also be up to date on the latest security technology and gadgets. Below we have reviewed some of the newest and most innovative home security products on the market.

Electric Door Locks

 Why waste precious time locking and securing every single door in your home? The time you lose locking all your doors could very well mean the difference between life and death. Electric door locks save you the trouble. These work remotely; You can command all doors to lock at the same time. It really simplifies things and can come in handy at night – you’ll never forget to lock the back door again.

Safe Spaces

 Think of a safe space for your goods. A safe room is a protected space where you can store your valuables such as stereo and video equipment, jewelry and the like. Safe rooms are always locked and often equipped with motion detectors and door contacts. They are also placed in a separate security zone and armed 24 hours a day.

Buried Coaxial Cables

These cables are used to protect perimeters that are otherwise unprotected by a fence or other obstruction. Coaxial cables are laid underground; One cable acts as a transmitter, the other as a receiver. An invisible field is created that cannot be recognized and jumped over. This technology can also locate any intruders within a meter using a reflectometer.

Reinforced CCTV Camera

Extreme CCTV’s Moondance Ballistic is a surveillance camera on steroids. This camera is made of reinforced stainless steel. It’s built for the most extreme environments – the arctic, hurricanes, marine habitats, airports, etc. – so it’s a rugged camera. It has its own set of wiper blades in case of rain or snow or sleet or anything else that falls from the sky. This is the perfect addition to any home security system. Oh, did I forget to mention that it’s also bomb and bulletproof?

Infrared Cameras

If the above camera is out of your price range, you should consider installing infrared cameras. IR cameras can see what humans cannot see. Human vision is limited and falls within a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. IR cameras can see much further.  Elektronische Schlösser Berlin Even in the pitch black night, these cameras still work. If you already have a CCTV camera and don’t want to buy another IR camera, get an infrared illuminator instead. These flood an area with infrared light, so your normal camera can record perfectly in the dark.

Remember, no price is too high when it comes to home security. Protect your family by installing a quality alarm system with all the necessary features.

Great new home security technology

When you compare the policies and prices of different home security companies, chances are your head is spinning. There are so many options including a variety of packages in each and every company. Perhaps you have already decided on the basic structure of your system: you have chosen a wireless home alarm and want to support it with the latest technology. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available from the most reputable companies out there.

The latest infrared motion detectors

With the ability to tell the difference between a human intruder and the ground they’re standing on, the latest infrared motion detectors are a great way to protect your property while you’re away from home. In addition, when you are waiting for your kids to get home from school, the friendly chime can use your home security system more friendly.

Cracking alarm tones

If your security has been breached and an intruder thinks they can enter once a window is broken, they’ll be snapped out of their stun. The power behind the latest home alarm systems can be deafening. Adjust it accordingly as you don’t want to be greeted by such a noise.

Heat and gas detection

Of course your security system includes fire protection and the house should be covered in terms of smoke detectors. However, sometimes it can be slow to acknowledge smoke. Because of this, security companies have introduced thermal sensors for the moments before a fire breaks out. The same goes for carbon monoxide, a silent and odorless killer. New devices are available to alert you when this toxic gas is contaminating your air supply.

Water and frost sensors

In the unusual but possible event that water floods your home, the latest water sensors can send out an alert. The amount of property damage caused by flooding or leaking equipment can be overwhelming. Your pets could also be at risk. Water sensors offer great protection. The same applies to frost detection. If the temperature falls below a certain level, you can react before any negative effects show up. Especially useful for older family members, the freeze sensor could mean the difference between life and death.

Scattered command centers

The 2003 blackout created a sense of insecurity that many thought was impossible. How could tens of millions of people end up without electricity? It happened, fortunately with limited repercussions. In the case of a home security company, the smaller operators will not be able to handle such an unforeseen event. However, the industry heavyweights have control centers scattered across the country. In the event of a localized power problem, they are secured and able to respond remotely.

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