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Ignore This If You Don’t Want Secure Business’s data

next gen firewall Malaysia

A next gen firewall Malaysia is one of the critical components of the third generation of firewall technology, which has developed into a significant element of the new era full of multiple digital breakthroughs. The next-generation firewall combines a standard firewall with IPS (intrusion prevention system) and DPI to filter various operations (deep packet inspection).


Most businesses employ firewalls as a security measure to safeguard their operations from damage and accidents both internally and outside. The NGFW primarily seeks to filter network traffic, which protects an organisation from various risks. To gauge a threat, numerous methods are taken. IP mapping, VPN support, packet filtering, network monitoring, and other techniques are among them. These procedures enable NGFW to identify possible network risks first, followed by malware assaults, software damage, and other external threats. It then focuses on preventing problems in the future.

The next-generation firewall is a device that offers advantages, including intrusion prevention, application control, and enhanced network visibility to an enterprise. Therefore, protection is the primary purpose of a new firewall for these enterprises.


The following are the primary aspects of the next-generation firewall: 

  • By utilising threat intelligence resources, the NGFW firewall focuses on identifying possible threats. 
  • The OSI model has undergone several adjustments, and the packet filtering technique has also seen advancement. 
  • It seeks to upgrade pathways to include upcoming information streams. 
  • It uses various technological tools to identify the source of potential risks and strives to stop them in any possible way. 
  • Contains a route for the organisation’s future data storage. It is a brand-new upgraded functionality that is now accessible in NGFW.
  • ​​It gives the organisation the freedom to change whenever they see fit while protecting the network from any possible risks as they sometimes appear. 
  • Focuses on establishing reliable VPN connections to shield their network from outside attacks. 
  • The entire procedure doesn’t take days and days to finish. Instead, it completes in a matter of seconds. The next-generation firewalls include this function, and it is pretty helpful. 
  • Regularly use anti-virus and anti-malware security software. Occasionally, specific files remain encrypted while being scanned. Malware flaws and other security issues are hence frequently disregarded. This propensity declines with installed anti-virus and anti-malware protection.
  • Combines IP addresses with geolocation to determine the correct physical location. By using geolocation, it is possible to prevent access to the organisation from specific IP addresses and even entire nations. It guards against invasion and the privacy of data. 
  • Employs URL filtering to target and stop external assaults that are undesirable and dangerous from entering the network system. 
  • Use sandboxing, a more effective malware detection method. A sandbox looks for typical harmful activity, including network disruptions and command and control. 

Some critical attributes of next-generation firewalls distinguish and value them in the technology field.

3. Benefits

Contrary to those who rely on manual protection for their organisational security, businesses and organisations utilising NG firewalls benefit from several advantages that help them maintain a secure and protected operation. 

Malware blocking is one of the main advantages of a next gen firewall Malaysia. It safeguards a network by preventing malware from accessing and defending it from outside attacks. Advanced Persistent Threats, or APTs, are much easier to detect with next-generation firewalls. 

It is advantageous because next-generation firewalls typically provide a way to store updates for an organisation in the future. It has been upgraded and included in the Ngfw Malaysia as a new feature.

Next-generation firewalls are financially advantageous for businesses that want adequate security systems at affordable prices, with little maintenance and less human work. 

There are several factors to consider regarding network protection, such as malware blocks, anti-virus software, and more. The next-generation firewall, on the other hand, is a tool that integrates all these crucial characteristics into one and employs them as needed. The enterprises’ networks are often protected by NGFW firewalls thanks to identification, awareness, inspection services, and malware protection.


Organizations get several advantages. Utilizing next-generation firewalls offers enterprises several advantages. The unrivalled protection that a new generation firewall offers is its main benefit. Threats are increasing daily, and neither personal nor professional networks are protected from outside threats. Therefore, every firm must have next-generation firewalls installed in their system to shield them from all threats.

It not only shields the gadgets from a broader range of incursions, but it is also reasonably priced. It assists networks with better security against breaches. Additionally, it offers them a hugely high level of complete network visibility and various adaptable administration and deployment possibilities. 

In contrast to previous media, which may take up to 200 days to detect external network risks, next gen firewall Malaysia features often identify possible dangers in seconds. As a result, the protection offered by the new is increasingly sophisticated, and these days, no company can operate effectively without them.


A classical firewall, essentially a first-generation instrument of the firewall technology, protects networks using various techniques, such as packet filtering, stateful inspection, VPN support, and more. The next-generation firewall also uses these procedures. The main distinction is that the next-generation firewall is more concerned with enhancing traffic security, changing packet filtering techniques, and adding layers to the OSI model. 

In other words, the mechanisms used by the next-generation firewalls to protect the network system from external malware assaults are described in more technical terms. It is an improved version of the conventional firewall that prevents network system bugs more effectively.

Like conventional firewalls, next gen firewall Malaysia employ both static and dynamic packet filtering. Like regular firewalls, they also hire the VPN support system to ensure that all connections established by a network are safe and that no outside assault can access the system. 

But there are also some important distinctions. The ability of the NGFW to employ packet filtering depending on apps is the most noticeable difference. The latest firewalls are sophisticated. They can identify dangers by analysing data and comparing signatures. They employ signature-based IPS and other cutting-edge techniques to determine if an external source is safe and secure.

Next gen firewall Malaysia (NGFW) contain a mechanism via which the organisation will get future upgrades is another significant difference between new and conventional firewalls. Available firewalls do not have this feature. Check to visit our, dedicated to defensive cybersecurity technology, if you’re interested in learning more about firewalls.

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