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Printer? Copier? Both? What’s Best For Your Office’s Needs?

printer & copier

Many businesses fail to understand their printing needs and requirements. Since they are not aware of their requirements, they invest in outdated printers and copiers. In addition, a business should stay updated with the latest advancements in technology. Knowing these will help you find the latest technology printer that perfectly fits your office needs. Many businesses opt for a single multi-functional printer that provides them with several functions, such as scanning, printing, faxing, and so on. Working with such type of printer can sometimes be tedious, especially when you have to carry multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, knowing your business needs first is a must. To know the difference between a printer and a copier, let’s take a look at the points mentioned below:

What is a copier?

Businesses highly dependent on copying tasks must invest in the best office copy machines. You must not be aware that ‘copiers can be more expensive than multi-functional printers’. However, these machines provide a large range of functionalities. A few of these functionalities are binding, stapling, collating, etc. The biggest advantage that copiers offer is the wider range of paper-size options. Also, high-volume-based copies can be delivered quickly with the help of a copier. Since they can hold a large number of paper volumes, they can also save you a lot of space. Therefore, if your business needs copying done quickly and with a great finish, you should opt for an office space copier machine.

When buying a copier, you should focus on its performance and usability. Since the copier is supposed to provide a high volume of printing, check the speed of the copier along with the paper capacity. There are two types of copiers available, which include inkjet and laser. To know which one to choose, you should know your business needs first.

What is a Multi-functional printer?

As the name suggests, a multi-functional printer is capable of carrying out various functions. You can carry out tasks, such as printing, scanning, faxing, etc. using a single machine. These prove to be the best printers for a small business as well as a big one. Therefore, this machine is a cost-effective alternative as you do not have to buy separate machines for carrying out different tasks. You can also opt for a multi-functional office space printer for personal use. However, to know which type of printer suits you the best, you need to know your team. Knowing your team and its responsibilities will help you understand if tasks are carried out simultaneously or not.

Opting for a multi-functional printer also reduces the costs associated with maintenance. Since these printers are smaller, they also save you a lot of space. Another great advantage multi-functional printers provide is that they are environment-friendly as compared to the other alternatives. Therefore, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint significantly. 

As the latest technologies are used to make these printers, they provide great performance efficiency and enhance digital workflow. Therefore, you can carry out tasks such as mobile printing conveniently. You don’t need to worry about the security aspect, as these printers are capable of providing excellent security. You can set up a passcode or a registered card. For implementing this type of security, check if the printer has an inbuilt integrated card or a keypad. If your printer doesn’t have such equipment pre-integrated, you can add them later. However, this will add up to your costs. Therefore, check the specifications and functionalities of the printer beforehand to avoid any regrets in the future. 

Understanding the performance demands will help you know what type of printer or copier you need. Thus, factors such as the number of users, volume of pages, high-end output, budget, space, etc. should be highly considered when buying printing equipment. Always consider additional factors that are not related to printing, these include the power and data requirements that are needed for setting up and installing the device. If you already have a printer or a copy machine model in mind, you can check out the manufacturer’s website to learn more about such additional features.

Do thorough research about the printer’s model before you buy one. Reading the reviews will also help you determine whether you are investing in the right equipment. Checking out various shopping sites for buying a printer will help you get different types of discounts, copiers for sale, and printers for sale. However, if you are buying a printer from an online retailer, be well-versed in the warranties. Apart from this, reading all the return and exchange policies will be beneficial if the printer does not suit your printing needs.

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