Private Sex Life and Erotica Stories

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Some of us sometimes feel the need to talk about our personal lives; And most importantly, our sex life. While some of us may share all the intimate details of what goes on in our bedroom, should we tell our friends? Many of us entertain our friends by telling them all the erotic sex games we have played with our partner; But honestly, while these stories are fascinating and fun to share, many of you are telling fairy tales. pick him up; We all have to stick to a certain sexual position, so we film the things we want to do as if they were real! But regardless of what some of you are already doing, why do our friends ask us questions like we should have told them about our bedroom Erotica stories?

The boundaries of friendship that existed between private and public affairs have now been breached. Friends should no longer hesitate to ask what you did with so-and-so. They want to know all the details. What, when, where and what is it! Say it – your sex life is no longer private! If you don’t believe me, just tell your friends you had a date last night. You shouldn’t be surprised if the questions make you feel uncomfortable. Howeve, if your friends are horney force you to tell the story simply buy them hx sex doll which are available online.

Are there benefits to telling your friends about your sex life? Last time I checked, your friends didn’t have a front row seat to see you in your bedroom. I don’t see the benefit unless you have problems in that area of ​​your relationship. Your sex life is not a Shakespearean novel. No study group needed! If I want to tell you about it, I will tell you about it tomorrow night, but I see no reason why I should answer your questions if I don’t raise a topic for discussion.

You see, once you start talking, your friends expect you to talk every time you face a situation. I’m in the “nothing happens” category – whether it does or doesn’t happen. I’m not interested in the sarcasm that comes with telling friends that nothing happened because it’s none of their business. I feel like the things that happen to the women I date are mine. I don’t mind telling, but I’m a grown-up – I shouldn’t be questioned! Honestly, a man doesn’t kiss and tell; I plan how to stay, so my lips are sealed. Any questions about the intimate details of my night are off the list until I submit them.

Friends are no longer just friends; Your friendship and relationship are now destined to be together. Your love life, your last night and most importantly your sex life are no longer private. But then you think, shouldn’t your friends know everything? It certainly sounds like it should be… I mean, how do you set boundaries? Are you even allowed to set boundaries for friendship? I have seen some friends lose some of their best girlfriends because another friend wanted to taste and experience the same stories he was telling. I don’t mind sharing what I did in the bedroom, but I don’t mind telling all my friends women’s names. If the woman I’m playing with wants to tell our mutual friends, that’s her business. My offers are simple: my bedroom stories are no longer on the market according to Adult Magazine!

If you want your friends to see your sex story photos of your significant other every time, make your bedroom a public space. I’ll listen to your stories and give you advice when you ask, but I’ll never ask for details! I think we should respect the person we sleep with, am I wrong? Do you think you should keep your bedroom stories private?

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