Some of the best restaurants in Lahore that you need to know

best restaurants in Lahore

Lahore- the heart of Pakistan as well as the cultural capital of Asia, has deep roots in the antique period. The city has seen a lot of empires and civilizations that have significantly shaped traditions today. Now, Lahore is considered one of the major destinations of tourists all around the world. The city is famous in terms of history, food, traditions, mosques, gardens, and much more. Whenever Pakistani talk about spices and the yummiest food, Lahore comes first. However, this blog is about some of the best restaurants in Lahore that everyone should try. Let’s explore the real taste of Lahore.

Haveli Restaurant

Havel is known as one of the best restaurants for couples in Lahore. It’s fascinating to know that the place is not only famous for its delicious food but also offers a unique view from the balcony and rooftop. Haveli restaurant is one of the favorite eateries for locals and travelers. The place allows you to enjoy the food and an equally unbeatable panoramic view of Badshahi Mosque.

The restaurant serves Barbecue cuisines considered one of the best in the country. Remember that Haveli is highly rated and has experienced the food and view. The majestic view also inspires even foreign travelers.

Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

If you’re in Lahore and looking for the best Chinese eatery, there’s no better place than a Chinese and Thai restaurant. The place is also famous as one of the best Chinese food points for couples in Lahore. It’s located in almost all the city’s main hubs, including DHA and Gulberg. It’s fascinating to know that the place is famous because of its delicious food, class, and vibrancy.

The restaurants offer the best place for kids and families to meet, talk, and eat in a relaxed atmosphere.  If you come here, you must try their stuffed chili prawns, special soup, schezwan prawns, and Mongolian duck, as these are the main highlights of YUM. Along with the regular menu, the place also offers a special buffet with a wide selection of savory, continental, and sweet dishes.

Qabail Restaurant

Many people look for authentic Pashtun cuisine, even in the city of hearts. Add Qabail restaurant to your bucket list if you’re one of them. It’s located on MM Alam road serving Pashtun dishes such as BBQ, chapli kabab, Namkeen karahi, kehwa, and other traditional dishes. There’s also a live dance performance taking place in the evening. So, if you’re looking for the best and most unique place with your friends in Lahore, Qabail restaurant could be an ideal choice.

Bundu Khan

If you are a real foodie with a special appetite for desi cuisines, then Bundu Khan must be on your bucket list of some of the restaurants in Lahore. Located at multiple branches across the country, this place is known for its exceptional customer service and unique cuisine.  Some popular dishes are Mutton Karahi, Chicken Shashlik, paratha, and Malai Boti. All the dishes at Bundu khan are prepared with special ingredients and spices. However, if there’s a need to try out specialties of Lahori cuisine, Bundu Khan is one of the best restaurants for families in Lahore.  

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