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Selling your home? 7 Advantages of Listing It This Holiday

The Christmas holidays only happen once, and many look forward to it yearly. There are many reasons to love the holiday. From bonuses to gift-giving or receiving, the traditions that come with Christmas truly lighten even the busiest people. 

Since December is the month when most people get their year-end bonuses, many dedicate the month to buying something special. Most people use their money to buy their loved ones gifts, have a vacation, or buy their lifelong dream. For others, it could be a car, a luxury watch, or a home. 

Even though the holidays are the busiest seasons of the year, many real estate agents say listing your property during this time has many advantages. Many think people don’t have the time to check house listings this season. The thing is, that’s the bright side of listing a property during the holiday. It simply means you’ll likely entertain sure buyers. 

If you’re looking into selling your home, here are seven advantages of listing it this holiday.

1 – The competition is more lax than usual

According to research, many people list their properties before or during the spring season. In areas with cold climates, spring and summer are when potential buyers have the time to scout properties. But that doesn’t mean listing your property during those seasons will guarantee an immediate sale.

Since the holidays are the longest time people have off work, they spend their vacation wisely. The tendency is other property sellers are also taking time off and are unavailable for bookings because of the busy time. As a result, the competition is more lax than usual. 

2 – People try to maximise their time and spend it wisely during the holidays

I mentioned in my previous point that people spend their holidays wisely. And that is another advantage of why you should list your property this season. Since people don’t have the luxury to waste their time and beat around the bush, you’re likely to deal with sure buyers. 

Usually, when sellers open their houses for visits in spring and summer, many “buyers” are only after oculars. During those times, it’s easy to tell people are looking for options and are only scouting. But if you’re to list your property this season, you’ll likely meet decisive buyers willing to negotiate immediately.

3 – The holiday spirit could affect people’s decision-making

Whether we like it or not, selling involves emotional bargaining. No matter what type of product or service, people always try to take advantage of their market’s emotions. And since that’s how you make a sale in business, the holidays are undoubtedly a perfect time.

Since the atmosphere is different during Christmas, people’s decisions could change without warning. And usually, those decisions benefit sellers. That’s because people tend to be more emotional than usual during this season. As a result, people feel kinder, relaxed, and hopeful that their decisions will be for the better.

4 – You can stage your home and make it cosier for oculars

Oculars during the winter could be unideal if you live in a four-season country. For people who live in tropical climates, winter seems magical. But for people who live through that season yearly, they would do anything for it to end as quickly as possible. 

Though it seems like it’s already challenging to entertain guests during winter, you can take advantage of it by staging your home for oculars. If you’ll celebrate the holiday with your family and friends, why don’t you make the most of designing your house for Christmas? You can take this opportunity to bring to life the holiday interior you like.

Also, since you’re selling your property, this is likely your last holiday there. You can stage and make it cosy so that anyone who visits will immediately feel at home. 

5 – Many use their “new year agendas and plans” as a leading factor in deciding

As another year is ending, many want nothing but to start anew in the coming year. During this season, many resign from their jobs because they’re transferring to new companies. In most cases, many also have to move to a new location. 

People decide faster when they base their decisions on their new year’s plans. If potential buyers like your home and have no competition to choose from, your chances of selling it faster are higher. 

6 – Neighbourhoods tend to be more welcoming during the holidays

Another advantage of listing your property this holiday season is that neighbourhoods are more welcoming. People value and prioritise the neighbourhood’s environment when looking for a home. Of course, safety is always the top priority, followed by its accessibility to establishments.

For others, the third would be the nature of its neighbourhood. Though many don’t really mind who or what type of neighbours they have, having a sense of community helps. I mentioned earlier that during Christmas, the holiday spirit is around. That’s true for neighbourhoods as well. It could affect their decision-making if potential buyers feel welcomed and safe in the community.

7 – Transaction processes are smoother during the holidays

Lastly, transaction processes are smoother during the holidays. Since people are on vacation, fewer people are in banks and other offices when purchasing a property. Real estate agents and companies are also motivated to make a sale because of commissions. 

That means agents and other professionals could process your documents and payments faster. If you were to transact during spring or summer, expect delays in your transaction processes. 

Listing during the holiday could seal you a deal faster than other seasons.

All these seven advantages tell that the holidays bring a lot of pros in home selling. But then again, there’s no guarantee that you can sell your property immediately. Still, you won’t lose anything by trying to list and market your property this season. Who knows, maybe the next owner of your property is just around the corner. 

About the author: 

Bianca Banda is a writer for Bennett Property, one of the largest and most successful real estate agencies offering a full range of property services, including sales, leasing and development. 

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