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Singing Bowls of Tibet

Listening to the singing bowls of Tibet is like taking a ‘sound massage’. The ancient art of manufacturing one of these singing bowls centres upon creating a sound that resounds for a remarkably long time with rich overtones which are arranged in such a way that an extremely long drawn out oscillation in the note can be heard, the sound swells and ebbs away again softly like the great rhythm of the ocean conveying the feeling that its massaging effect washes clean the listeners soul.

The very slow dying away

The very slow dying away of the sound takes the listener out of the actual sound itself to the limit of what is audible finally awakening us to the klangmassage wien sound within a sphere of rare depth that can at the same time be profoundly felt, it is this ability of the bowls to penetrate and charge the air with their spiritual vibration, long after the actual sound had ceased that led to their being called singing bowls. The bowls can also be stroked with a wooden wand conveying the experience of an eternal “om” sound gradually emerging from nothing, enfolding, enriching our auric field.

Every singing bowl has its own individual personality which means that it can never really pressed into an exact conventional musical scale, together with other bowls. They were never intended to be used in this way, although sometimes, heilmasseurin wien a set of bowls where made. Yet, another reason is their incredible array of overtones, making it difficult to hear a single pitch. However we can place them in families such as sets of Yin, Yang or Water Bowls etc.

The Way of the Bowls was visualised as imaginary journey around this garden-of-sound, moving between several families of bowls, whilst we are exploring their unique psychic [], psycoacoustical properties.

Mostly associated with the pre-Buddhist Sad faith

Being mostly associated with the pre-Buddhist Sad faith, the bowls have more of an association with psychic practises, common to such shamanistic cultures and therefore we could say that the psychic content of the bowls are more significant than the earthy sounds which they produce incredible as these are, living in a modern age of materialistic thinking, it is possible to simply be fascinated purely by the unique sounds produced by these remarkable bowls and so ignore their capacity for altering our inner psychic nature. The actual act of playing a bowl requires the utmost concentration if we are to avoid unpleasant sounds and if we are to surrender ourselves fully and enter into a state of atonement with the bowl.

Singing Tibetan Bowls – How to Buy Singing Bowls?

Singing Tibetan Bowls are believed to be originated from Tibet around 4 thousands years ago.Tibetan monks are known to be the secret users of the singing bowls.Even before the presence of the Buddhist, there were shamans who actually practiced the use of the bowls.

It has been proven that our mind and body is intensely affected by the sound and vibration of singing Tibetan bowls. The sound of the bowls klangmassage wien relaxes and eases our mind and body so that one can concentrate deeper within himself. This is particularly achieved by massaging our body through the sound and vibration of healing bowls.

Singing Tibetan bowls are made in Nepal and India

Singing Tibetan bowls are made in Nepal and India. They are usually made of 3 metals and five metals. However, some of the bowls are even made of seven metals. This is particularly high quality ones. As each one of them are handmade individually, none of the healing bowls is exactly same.

So, How to buy singing bowls? A person has to be very careful when you buy singing bowls. It is very important to know basic facts on choosing the right ones. Here are the things you should follow to buy singing Tibetan bowls.

  1. Give yourself a plenty of time to analyze the bowls and find a good one that you like. Singing Tibetan bowls are often called healing bowls which can be used to actually heal your mind and body. It is also used to aid in meditation.
  2. If you are in a brick and mortar store, test the sound by striking the bowl with a stick. Singing Tibetan bowls are played with a thick wooden stick covered soft leather on one end. You can either strike a bowl or rub the edge with the striker to produce ringing, resonant tones making the bowl vibrate for a long time. When struck, the sound should resonate and last for few minutes with several layers of tones. The note should be rich and heavy. When you select, the sound of the bowl should really touch your heart and impress you.
  3. The sound and vibration thus produced helps a person to concentrate and relax from within which ultimately assist in healing your mind and body. The vibration is used to actually heal the ailing body parts. The vibrating frequency of the sound puts your mind at ease.
  4. If you are buying online check whether the heilmasseurin wien site has audio clips of the bowls on sale. All the good stores should have such audio clips. One of the best stores also provide you with samples to check quality.
  5. The smaller the bowl higher will be the pitch of the sound and bigger the bowls lower and heavier the pitch. You should really find the right ones depending on the pitch of the sound you desire.
  6. Another, factor you have to consider while buying the Tibetan bowl is the materials that are used to make it. General ones are made of mixture of 2 metals or 5 metals but really special one is the one that is made of 7 metals mixed. You can just literally tell the difference in the richness of vibration and sound.
  7. Look and feel the different designs carved on the healing bowls. They hold significant meanings. Just choose the ones that are most suitable to you.
  8. Final important factor you should not miss to check is whether the bowl is machine made or handmade. You have to go for handmade ones. This is the beauty and specialty of the singing bowls because each handmade ones are special and unique. Machine made singing bowls are just the duplicate of one to another. Quality of sound and vibration is also low compared to handhammered singing Tibetan bowls.

Now you can get more information and Grab!! this excellent opportunity to get a free singing bowl giveaway as a sample to test the quality and see it for yourself what the high quality bowl is all about.

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